My Last day with TCS

To all the TCSers reading this..  I have quit TCS after a reasonably long innings (for IT sector), with this friday I have completed my mandatory 30 day notice period and will be moving on to a newer organisation. Will that be any better than TCS is for anyone’s guess.But atleast one solace that Im getting a 60% hike on my current package .

You might wonder why Im sounding  little sad at this, yes just like you I have complained about this company, rejoiced whatever good things they have offered, flaunted the brand name with friends and family and met some really moronic managers  here too. My overall experience has been happy.

People dont leave companies, they leave bosses (supervisors  more adept for us)

When I joined TCS as a fresher and after my confirmation I came very close to quitting TCS,  when my PM said “Your technical skills are unquestionable, but you argue a lot with your superiors” and threatened to screw my ratings, he never did and he ended up giving good rating. He taught me a valuable lesson “If u don’t question your supervisor, you can be happy”.  I have maintained a silent profile and a decent rapport with all my managers,that is before I got into this account by a twist of fate. Being in a large organisation like TCS  you will one day face people,  looking at whom you might wonder  “How the hell did he come to this position?? “,  I did meet a few err, umm many of them actually. And when you have personal ambitions, want release  etc.. things usually dont work out well with your supervisors. This guy is just the typical supervisor we have seen so many people writing in the comments section, So I guess I dont have to explain the details. After the appraisal discussion, or basically a bargain involving many irrelevant factors, I found that its not in my best interest to stick with this account/Manager, who wasn’t ready to leave me easily. And said goodbye to them the very next day.

HR who??

Our account HR is one of a kind (maybe not), when she joined  our account she met everyone individually and collected the grievances and said she will try to resolve them then  forgot all those like a politician. For every simple question the answer would “First talk to your supervisor”, “We cant do anything about that” or “This is a business decision, I cant do anything”. After sometime she was more like PA for the GL/PM.

Joining TCS again ?

Sure why not, there is all likelihood one might end up having Supervisors just like this guy in any other company. My overall experience in TCS is of a good one. Considering TCS treats its laterals much better than its own employees, joining TCS  later in the career maynot be  a bad choice at all.

Will we follow TCS here at Dexternights?

We have added 2 new authors who are from TCS, and TCS being close to my heart we will be following all the major changes and your own articles are welcome. Mail your articles/grievances  to .