Launch of LG Mini GD880 – First Phone that supports HTML 5

has confirmed  its launch of Mini GD880, the first smart phone that supports HTML5 in its Phantom Browser.

This phone is built using the most recent Webkit standards. This phone is capable of opening 10 browser windows at a time. While 's not running , it is capable of supporting a number of .

  has 16:9 Ratio and looks hot. This phone has a 5.0 Mp , , A-, FM Radio and 3.2-inch display. This is a the slimmest phone.

LG Mini Features and Specs

* 3.2 inch touchscreen with  16:9 aspect ratio
* high quality materials
* button free face
* Social ,
* 5.0 megapixel camera with advanced
* Video playback and RM Radio
at 7.2 Mbps
* Wi-Fi,  A-GPSA-GPS.

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