New Devices at CITA 2010 – Spracht Aura BlueTooth and Eclipse Litetouch Keyboard

This article covers two new devices
Spracht Aura EQ
Litetouch wireless
Bluetooth device

The main attracting feature of this new bluetooth device in with other devices available in the is only the sound quality which is the most wanted feature in bluetooth devices.Most of the bluetooth devices in the market today does not seem to be loud and people could not hear in a crowded place.This new device comes with customizable 8-band equalizer. has given the option of increasing the tone if in case people on the other end speaks from a crowded place.Device also has options to amplify the voices with the external microphone.
With this new device most of the problem in hearing is solved and users can have comfortable conversions even from the specified distance and they also have the option to increase or decrease the sound based on the requirement.Price of this bluetooth is around 99$

Wireless Keyboard
Exciting feature of this new keyboard is the 3-in-1 touch panel which allows the user to switch between three different modes with a touch of single key
media mode
numerical-pad mode
MyEclipse mode

MyEclipse mode is the innovative feature which allows to user to configure their favourites for each button.For each icon atleast three websites can be configured and on click of the button all the three websites will be launched at a time.
Price of this keyboard is around 129$ and if its the wired keyboard then its just 99$

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