Summary Comparison on 3D LCD TV of Sony,LG and Panasonic

2010 is going to have a revolution in Television industry as many big companies have started publishing news on their TVs. Panasonic has given a sneak preview of the and to their customers whereas has released their product itself in Korea. Price range does not seem to have very high difference but one can decide on the purchase of only by having a clear view of the picture and clarity. has given a very good option of switching between 2D and 3D visions. Though many features vary among Sony,Panasonic,,Samsung etc their focus remain to be the same that is “Bringing the theatre effect and enjoyment of Hollywood movies in Television”

Features Sony Panasonic LG
Release By June  By April Mid of March
Price 40-inch 3-D – 290,000 yen ($3,200)                60-inch – 580,000 yen ($6,400).  $2500 and even  less in Yet to declare
Size 40 inch , 46 inch          52 and 60 inch in next release  50 inch 47 inch
Collaboration with sky 3D TV Channel No  No Yes
Preview  and hands on to Customers No  Yes No
First Release in Japan, later in and other parts of the world  UK  
Ability to switch between 2D and 3D with a remote button control Yes  No No
Guarantee for higher image compared to previous 3D Yet to reveal details on resolution  Yes  Yet to reveal details on resolution
Guarantee for worlds highest contrast ratio No  Yes No
sensor to adjust sound and picture quality  Yes  No No
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