Indian IT Biggies chicken out of Dataquest Best Employer Survey

Well you can fake your internal Employee Satisfaction survey, but  an independent Survey is a big no no for Indian IT heavyweights like ,, and India.

Well all the top names of Indian IT chose not to participate in the Annual Dataquest Best Employer survey citing recession as reason, admitting the fact that employees are unhappy with these companies. Every year these companies flaunt the Dataquest results internally and to media in a big way, but not to participate this year in itself shows the true nature of India’s top companies.

It is little childish to behave in this way considering that these companies talk so much about Employee improvement , transparency, Corporate Social Responsibility etc.  It could well be that all these companies formed a syndicate to skip the annual survey.

Funny though TCS in its part showed a 1% improvement in its annual employee satisfaction survey Pulse 2009.

on the other hand chose to participate and came on top of the charts followed by iGate , Rolta India,RMSI and SAS institute. Follow the Below links

Data Quest Best IT Employer 2009 Top 20  list

Data Quest Best Employer 2009  in IT Survey Details

Data Quest Top Best Employer in BPO (2008)

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