TCS planning to restructure onsite Salary

Consultancy Services is planning to restructure its onsite Salary Structure and is most likely that higher grade will lose out their extra perks and benefits, though a total reduction in salary is not possible as per Govt law the minimum wages should be 60,000 $ per annum.

The company is also trying to find ways to bring back of its onsite resources who have been spending way too long in financially lucrative locations, preventing any concept of rotation. There is thought in the lines of restricting for employees who are in onsite for longer periods.

But it is learnt that this thought process is still in the early stages of conception and it may take few months before a solid decision is arrived.

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10 Replies to “TCS planning to restructure onsite Salary”

  1. What are these Bas**** up tp ? Do they want to suck out blood from their employees… I dont know who the f*** in top management is taking these decision.. I think He has bee scr***** up in life or is a bas**** Mr Ratan Tata Wake up… Before it is too late.. I am sorry to say but I doubt whether you are also in this party ?

  2. This news is interesting…but again stopping promotion becos of onsite duration is ridiculous…lets see how this frames up in the months to come.

  3. All onsite people pramotions should kept on hold as they are already enjoyed a lot.Why don`t people think about preset situvation.It is very rare to get onsite oppertunity at this point of time in TCS.At least we should think abount people who are working since 5 years with out any onsite oppertunity.

  4. Yes, really onsite salaries will be reduced because more seniors with AST grades are working at onsite so smart enough, even acting like they do some sacrify to projects but they do only a simple jobs which can handled by a fresher. really it is an over head to the projects because they get double income both full salary from india payrol and europe allowance if TCS plans sure we can take out this smart working categories to offshore to handle teams. it is my duty to say this is the fact in some projects at Hamburg Germany. you can find these overheads who stays for long time also got AST promotions and do only a unrealistic simple jobs, unfortunately many people have to sacrify there personal life from offshore who are waiting for onsite and also working over nights and rest less working even in all weekends to satisfy this smart working double incomed people for there long stay in onsite definately this leads disturb in project health..

  5. I work in Mphasis and after reading all these reviews on Infy, TCS and Wipro, realized that man, these big IT companies are nothing but trash and make profits but exploiting their employees. I read that even CTS is crappy when you are onsite (they got sued for underwages – like TCS). I had a TCS coworker who told she gets daily wages onsite and offshore wages. This is total crap and if this was H1b, it would be illegal and if she was L1, there would be a thorough investigation by USCIS. Daily wages won’t get you anything. TCS also holds back tax reimbursements and this is illegal too…and they have this stupid bond concept where you have to come back to INdia and work for some time or pay them lakhs of rs. Seriously, after hearing all this Mphasis is wayyy better. I came in 2007 and got salaries comparable to Americans (equal to my American citizen cousin who was in different domain but experienced – high accordingly american standards). But when I hear that people in TCS, Infy, Wipro, CTS get $2500 to $4500, I was like – crap! these guys are totally exploited.

    Mphasis had a salary revision in 2009 for people who came from India (reduced by 5000$). But that’s the worst that has happened! They don’t cheat you by giving peanut onsite salary and maintaining offshore salary, make you sign bond and sue when you leave or take your tax reimbursements.

    One thing I want to tell the people above who complained that people offshore are not getting onsite oppertunity because “rotation” is not happening – I think I’m seeing the effect that TCS,Infy, Wipro,CTS government policies are having on you. Since when did it become a “right” that you should go to onsite. I have never heard of this “rotation” policy in Mphasis or even other descent companies…. if you are good, great communication, can manage people and interact with customers – you will go onsite automatically. There are plenty of onsite oppertunities but doesn’t mean that any crappy fool will go there. But you can continue living in stupid environment which makes you work like dogs for going onsite with the worst conditions. I recommend you quit these crappy companies and work in some real projects. I learned one thing – avoid all tier-1 Indian IT services firms – now I know why they get lot of revenue. Employees are their last concern.

    1. @ George, totally agreed.

      Even I happened to join a company last August which was taken over by TCS in October. As of January 2011, 50% of the guys from the erstwhile company have left, including my manager! And now we have one manager from TCS who talks, talks and talks non-stop nothing but only PROCESS. Process which changes every now and then at TCS! Process which changes for every appraisal. Process which changes for, though sometimes, only for a fraction of people. Sometimes, by ill fate, or whatever, you will find yourself in a turbulent time. I guess I am in one of those hazy turbulent times. The only thing I feel happy is about of knowing these crap ideologies of the so called Indian Tier – 1 IT companies in an early phase of my life. Working at such unethical environment is out of question for those who actually know the work. Looks like their ever changing draconian policies and processes will eventually force me to switch before they think of any appraisal!!! And after going through this story and that of Gopi Vedachalam’s lawsuit against Tata America, I don’t think I will travel onsite, even if these fellows force or say “this is a business requirement”!!!

  6. I recently joined TCS. I think with the current inflation, what ever salary increase from TCS is not gonna help.
    People with similar years of experience are drawing three or five times more salary compared to that of TCS.
    TCS employees are definitely the poorest in the market

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