Cool commercials by IT Heavy weights despite recession

There have been some cool ads recently, after the chapter zoozoo's for now its time for the biggies to bring out their own. The coolest of em all is the 's ‘Our Kind of Hero' ad. The ad shows Ajay Bhatt (Sadly the one in the ad is not the real Ajay Bhatt) co-creator of (Universal Serial ), walking to get coffee amid adolation from his Intel junior collegaues. They have T-Shirts with his picture,autographs and more. Watch the advertisement of Intel here.

Now for the real Ajay Bhatt in Intel rockstars campaign. Intel Rockstars – Ajay Bhatt, Stephen Whalley, Bala Cadambi and Josh Smith.

The next one is the commercial about power grid wastages, the ad goes on to tell about the electricity wastage in the current power grid system.One which makes you think about the wastages.

Hope someday companies come up with something cool like this.. I mean not just copy of the above commercials but something of their own.

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