What is Intel stable image platform program ?

Intel’s stable image program is really not relevant to anyone except Business users who buy computers in bulk. The stable image program guarantees that OS image to be installed on the ‘Intel Stable image Program’ processors can be blindly installed for a period of 15 months from the launch without worrying about any driver updates.

Basically the processors and motherboards under this program are considered stable after a wide range of testing. And most of thes processors also have 7 year manufacturing availability. This helps big businesses in terms of maintaining a single image of Windows/any other OS. Also saves them time about updates and more.

So if you are a buyer not worried about maintaining ultiple systems then you should skip this column in specifications.

In current laptop CPUs the following are considered to follow Stable Image Platform (SIPP) are Intel Core 2  Duo 9400,8400 and .

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