India’s BSNL to offer 3G Video calls at Rs 2 (0.05$) per minute from April 2009

's Public Telecom operator plans to launch its services in a full fledged manner from April 2009. The private operators like , and  are expected to enter market in early 2010 after the process.BSNL also launched its 3G services yesterday in 10 major starting with .The National operator expects atleast 10% of its total subscribers to adapt 3G services.

3G start from Rs 250 (5 $ ) . This also is a big achievement by the public operator which entered in 2002 and overtook all the private operators within few years.

Handset major is expected to launch its N97 in the same period. Already Nokia holds more than 70% market share in India which is one of its key markets. Incidently Indians in cities buy more compared to couterparts in US.

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