TCS recalls its BRMs and All non billable staff from US

  is confirmed that has called back all its BRMs (Business Relationship Managers) who are in charge of creating new business oppurtunities in and other regions outside . This position has become a liability to the company during the tough . Though their pay is not very high, the benefits they enjoy is huge.

The same goes with Project Leader positions in Onsite locations, most of the PL positions in client locations are funded by and hence TCS looks to move these positions back to India. Though the recall maynot cover every BRM/PL but it should cover most of them.

The status of other non billable positions like PMO, (Project Management team), and MATC is not known. But there will be lots of chaos in the onsite ranks of TCS in the coming weeks.

The cutoff date for this movement has been announced as first week o February. This was confirmed by a from to middle management and upper management.

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2 Replies to “TCS recalls its BRMs and All non billable staff from US”

  1. Smart Non-Billable BRMs and PMs are hiding in WONs. People without jack not able to SWON to WON are being main target. So this step is again overall a failure.

    TCS has to target 12 + yrs experience GLs irrespective of so called good performance and rating and give GL responsibility to people who are young and have dreams. Every one in TCS know good rating is for senior people. Don’t ignore ITA and above and below consultant. They are the main back bones who helped TCS to achieve $ 6 Billion.

    Next year TCS will not be able to achieve $5 Billion target. Becoz real people are being fired and sending back to India.

  2. Too many overheads in the name of support team which includes mgmt,quality,system support,admin,etc. for the actual projects makes TCS a large company. It can do better by reducing the number of overheads especially in the mgmt part of the project. U don’t need so many mgrs. for a project in the name of delivery, quality, brm, bdm,rm,relationship director,pl,module leader,team leader, project mgr,program mgr,etc.. The fact of the matter is for every billable team member there is atleast 3 or more mgmt. person whose contribution is a big ZERO

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