Apple aint a charity.. wake up Apple fans

Second time within a year faces severe criticism from its fans(or customers). Last time was the early reduction of prices of iphones and now for doubling the of and touch. I dont understand why people are complaining, Apple is doing just what every business does. Apple sells products through one of the best marketing strategies, right from . People hail his keynotes and speeches as example of presentation skills(I have read more news articles :0 on his presentation skills alone ). Then the brand image and finally the flashy products themselves.Apple makes products and sell them for profit, its not that they are doing everything for the people. Seriously why should they even bother about ?

Its a fact that Apple's products are not really the feature rich comaparing to many of rivals, but nevertheless people buy them for the name and looks.If you have gone through the tech reviews of ipods, probably you will realise authors writing in the bottom… “Sound quality is not best..but its still good”. Probably many doesnt care about feautures they simply go for the name and others follow like sheep. Take ipod Nano ..seriously this is one of the most outrageous products from Apple, it plays (I wont even say ) thts it.. But for the same price you get a way better product from Creative or with many many feautures and Better Music quality.

Then lets come to the freedom of use of your purchase…  Apple probably produces one of the highly closed devices among present manufacturers.You can use your device strictly as what is mentioned in manual, well you cant use it any other way. Simplest example is the itunes software(its big nothing else).Your ipod/iphone cannot be used without this.Then there is itunes store.. All effective ways to grab cash from customers.Even to register your product you need to provide your Credit card number??? How ridiculous. The world is going more open, this strategy of Apple may not work longer.

And most of Apple products never go into second hand .. you use it or throw it. Anyway a new apple product is on the way then why bothering to reuse the old one.

Somehow I feel its all in the mindset of users, probably the US might give a shock to Apple.People might start looking for cheaper and feature rich products as a result of cash crunch, then they may discover there are better products and many more brands outside the Apple store. Lets see how long Apple can use its name to Sell products at a premium.

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