TCS gives a pay cut..on back of recession reduces salary..Shocks employees

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( Consultancy Services) handed out a notice to on Monday about a impending on basis of Q3 .Though no specific amount details are announced but just a general announcement on Monday evening(IST) was made by TCS.

Most employees are clueless about this pay cut, but it is going to be like a recovery for salary already paid out for August-Decemeber 2007.The recovery will be happening in Feb/March 2008. This may be 5-10% of the salary on the variable component.

TCS has a Variable component which depends on the rating a individual recieves on scale of 1-5 (D-A). This component also is linked to companies and metrics.This component known as VA which was paid in advance for Q3 will be reduced by almost 20-25% on our estimate. Generally VA is 50% of a person's salary and increases towards top management.

Soon expect similar steps from Infy, and other Indian major IT companies.This cut is attributed to Appraising rupee value against dollar.

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  1. Dear Colleagues,

    Last week, TCS posted results for the third quarter of 2007-08 with revenues rising at 5.04 per cent sequentially to Rs 5,924 crore and net profits rising 6.72 per cent sequentially to Rs 1,331 crore.

    As you are well aware, our variable compensation policy is linked to EVA, based on the overall performance of the company and your individual performance. The variable pay component is paid monthly, based on the company’s expected performance for the quarter. As indicated in the annual compensation letters, variable pay may change based on actual performance of the company and the ongoing performance of the individual.

    In Q3 this year, we met our revenue target but we fell short of meeting our EVA target due to a combination of internal and external factors. The EVA target forms the basis for the variable pay computation and has been given in advance, each month during Q3. Based on the audited results the EVA-based variable payout amounts to Rs. 293 crore for the quarter. The actual variable payout based on expected EVA given in advance amounts to Rs. 376 crore. The advance payment that has to be adjusted amounts to Rs. 83 crore, which will be recovered during Q4 from the employees. The recovery would be reflected in your salary in the months of February and March 2008.

    TCS continues to enjoy industry-leading growth. We expect to meet our EVA targets in Q4. There is a strong business pipeline and we are very positive about the future. In order to be globally competitive and maintain our leadership position, we not only need to grow revenues, but also manage our costs better and enhance operational efficiencies.

    In Q4, we will follow the same basis of advance payment of Variable Pay as per expected EVA projections at the beginning of 2007-08. When the audited results for Q4 are announced in April 2008, appropriate adjustment in Variable Pay will be made either upwards or downwards as the case may be.

    We will shortly let you know the actual amount to be recovered through a letter in Ultimatix. On viewing your letter, in case you need any further clarification, please send in your query to the following mail address – and we will respond to your questions

  2. Infy has actually given an bonus on the variable compensation component, I’ve never heard of Infy or any other company taking back an already provided compensation though, I doubt if its even legal

    TCS emps, resumes welcome:)

  3. Well TCS pays better than Infy on most grades. Infy is not the company for a TCSer to go. There are better options.
    Maybe worried about companies attrition, Infy is welcoming.
    After they pay cut still a TCSer earns more than an Infy salary+bonus.
    Truth is to be spoken. So told.


    Most companies have a variable component which is paid out based upon performance of various factors. And the payout need not be 100% every time. So, in this case there are in effective reducing the Variable payout for the next quarter due to not so good performance of previous quarter. FULL STOP.

  5. It happens all the time. I have never heard TCS paying more than projected EVA (variable component) when TCS’s growth was above the predication. If they cant raise the variable salary when it grows,they shouldn’t cut them.After all the famous grapevine for TCS is apt :”A software company run by similar to any Central Govt office.Thoda Cum Salary ”
    Don’t expect much from a company which doesn’t conduct a nice social party.

  6. When the letter is issued, its written that VA can change as per the performance.SO nothing illegal about it.
    People see more than money IN TCS

  7. Yeah…We Stand by TCS…in both its lows and highs…so what if there is a pay cut now…Whcih other company gives a rookie a whooping 75% increment when he/she gets confirmed???

  8. Going to work for a large company is like getting on a train. Are you going sixty miles an hour or is the train going sixty miles an hour and you’re just sitting still?

    so train is going slow means u r also going slow..cant run faster than train being in the same train..better option is to change the train..
    or else make ur own arrangements like Chay Dhukan roadside chat centers in which u can earn better than what these co’s paying now.

  9. TCS has actually paid extra VA in year ending March 2006 for making higher than predicted profits. So it is bidirectional. What is not in sync now is that the others in the fray have done the contrary!

  10. Company does not pay even an extra penny to the employee if it gets more than expected profit..then why taking away during loss?? ..its like ’employees during profit and partners during loss’..this is unfair..

  11. This is really unfair. When the management never think of paying more then it has no rights to cut down the pay as well.
    Why dont anyone raise voice against it ??

  12. Its very foolish explanation to say that Variable allowance is paid in advance and cut from the salary in the next quarter.

  13. Let us not single out TCS.This will soon be an industry wide trend and is perhaps the need of the hour.

    TCS time and again has been rated as the best employer and has no “hidden components” in its salary unlike other software giants.

    To answer a doubt raised above,it is LEGAL…

    1. I will very well accept the statement . They said there was’nt any Promotion or hike . But there was only decrement in the salary many people working this concern has suffered and have had suicidal depression that this company was offering. They have no respect for indviduals no morale . But the vision and mission statement contradicts . The Company dont provide opportunities for people who are capable , but for people who do nothing except for bossing ? And definetely they need to Re-consider mentally fit tests for management because there are many maniacs you can only think of . Its sometimes threatenting. Wish the concern can be resolved by atleast the board of directors. This company really has no decorum, morale, they gossip and all they do is this atleast some process. And try to pretend that they are very conservative ? I mean what the Fish? Nobody can resolve the issues of any employees with proper Justice . With the survey i took from this company the results showed a lot of disinterested person.

  14. What u see ‘more than money’ in TCS boss….I had been with TCS for 4 yrs. Nd i no this company well. The exp people who are serving the comp since long time r suffering most. When one lateral joins TCS with 3 yr exp they offer him ITA with 6 package but one guy serving TCS since last 3 yrs 11 monts cant get promotion only becz he sorts 1 month. For that only he waits next 7 months. And the idiot PLs nd GLs behave like landlords. A guy with 5 yrs exp getting 4.somthing but they are recruiting freshers for 3.3. Gar me dum nahi hai toh kahe ko recruit karte ho betichod

  15. Boasting about giving a hike after getting confirmed and then keep licking to that figure for next 3 yrs. Then u have curve fitting and all that crap …! Best is to join TCS after an ex of 3 yrs as u join in middle management, which doenst have any work and gets handsome pay packages.
    Just showing up being the highest revenue getter by not sharing any profits .. forget about bonus..!!!
    What the crap .!!

  16. The cut is a bit shocking for all the employees here, but many are positive that it will be compensated in the coming months. For an emploee with a vision of 4/5+ years in TCS, its no big deal. I believe, off late TCS pay packs have risen to the industry standards and for the talented (good rating in appraisals), it definetly pays more than the industry standards.
    I am sure rest of Indian Software gaints will follow the same course of action by cutting down the bonuses if not the salary.

  17. dear ex-tcs
    what u said is nearly true…
    but if u are worth it, no PL / GL will let you go.They cant afford to behave like landlords as you said. they give u what u want.

  18. Few years back when TCS introduced EVA TCS CEO and HR head lied to employees that when the company exceeds EVA targets, it will go into EVA bank to handle situations when it does not meet the EVA target.

    Now once again TCS employee unfriendly policies are proved i.e. When TCS grows DON’T share the growth with employees, when negative growth take it back from Employees. Even though company has grown 20 fold or so, the basic mindset/attitude with the TCS management does not change.

  19. your fellow tcser, No knee jerk reaction please, its just the start, all the IT companies are going to do the same,

    I really wish, the management has done what could be the best in the situation.

    But what i didnt like, is paying divident to share holders, when cutting sal for employees. they dont consider employees to be the stake holders in the company. thats disturbing to see.

  20. Swamy,

    U said truly..But just I want to correct that u r d gr8 resourse, key resource, pro-active employee and nice person till u r in d project. Once u come out u will d worst resource for ur PL and GL

  21. You are correct. First they should have some policy to find out who is the real hero in the project (Good Performer). Now a days the person who know’s how to get close with PL and GL (Sombu in Tamil) are hero on that project and they only get 4 & 5 Ratings. TCS actually a good company but good resources are going out even though they want to be in (Becas of bad imm. leader).

    1. Hey ….. Whoever U are i totally agree with u ……… I could’nt find a better word in tamil than this may be in English they call it as AWipe ……… Not to offend anybody its just the term in english……… Nowadays we need to know how to impress PL/GL hard work , and recoginition comes later if we listen to them like slaves ………. Its pity rather Fish the company …. I was wondering why nobody is complaining about this company , i am a Reporter but i have’nt got any proof or complaints ….. but if i have them i can have a day of TCS coverage on our channel …….. U can e-mail me if u have any complains and proofs …… I guess Press is more powerful medium … Lets provide better environment or change its policies and be justified properly in near future.

      1. I do agree with this statement… Whomever impresses PL/GL will get good ratings… Others who work like slaves nd not knowing the ART of impressing those creeps are rated with a 2 or 3… BETTER WORK ON INPRESSING THEM RATHER THAN WORKING SINCERELY………

  22. At least Tata got 1 lac customers for Nano πŸ™‚ Becz after reducing the salary 1 lac emp of TCS can’t think above 1 lac as onsite opportunities r reduced

  23. TCS did give extra incentive to employees in 2005 after good performance. That was over and above the monthly EVA. This time, due to loss, they have cut down on salary. While all the loyal employees should stand by the company in high and low – a pertinent question arises – why is TCS still recruiting so heavily????

  24. TCS claims that the they fell short of mere 80 crores (not a big amount for TCS). To recover this amt. the employees salary is being cut to the tune of 5-15k for the next two months … Ridiculous on the part of the company … Shame on TCS Management


  26. Hope there will not be promotions this time……To save money…..TCS Management can go up to that LEVEL….!!!!

  27. Shame on TCS!!
    They are take 83 crore Rs from employee and showing that as profit so that they can beet infosys numbers.
    The EVA concept is there for so-long period, which makes me wonder how many times the employees made more profit that the estimated EVA payout, and what happened to those crores.
    I dont know if any of the employees in TCS know how this EVA target is set and how the management decided that the employees made “83” crores less than the estimated EPA (considering the fact that TCS anounce 1327 Crores profit.
    TCS didnt have the “GUTS” to say this 83 Cr pay cut publicly.

  28. This kind of bullshit, even the bulls will not shit.

    Dont Pay Chandra for 10 years. 83 Crores will be recovered . After all he is responsible for dismal performance of company as a whole. How the hell is my performance linked to it. they dont even give me time to look into whats happening in other projects …why should I be penalized for what the top mgmt could not achieve…

  29. We should not worry too much about whats being said about TCS. Did any media mention that TCS paid 15K to each of its employee in Mar ’06 when TCS got additional revenues?

  30. TCS’ers.. I am from the HR dept..but trust me we’re helpless..i mean if only i could say that TCS would give this back during our annual increments.. but no one knows.. yes this is the 1st time this has happened..and its due to a lot of reasons..unallocated %..maybe some billing leakages and also due to the Re. rise..HR is in the same boat as the other associates and no HR does not get anything to go on to forums and reply to others grievances..for once..put urself in our shoes.. we are also cribbing about the same time we are facing the brunt of the others complains..and we cant do anything to help the situation..but wait and see what decision the top mgmt takes after this hue and cry..lets hope they make us experience certainty..

  31. Hmmm… so lots a tcser are taking out their frustration. Its so true that TCS is CHOR.. What a stupidity! Why are they paying in advance? Its better to pay only after results. I mean you pay EVA in JAN-FEB-MAR depending on performance of company in months of OCT-NOV-DEC whether its profit or loss its transperant. EVA was based on your rating i.e. individual performance. Then do let us know the % of company perf and % individual performance. This is shear BEWAKOOFI.

  32. As per me, the reason behind cutting down the salaries is like this. In bigger companies like TCS, when a fresher joins and stays upto 3-5 years, it becomes an overhead for the company as his salary increases along with his/her experience. And such big companies earn their profits mainly on the freshers (as they come cheaper as compared to an experienced employee). They just need a limited amount of middle management for managing those freshers. So every few years they do such things which hits the experienced employees most, so that they get frustu and leaves company. If one remembers, TCS also reduced the salaries in 2003 as well.
    Recently TCS sponsored Mumbai Marathon. God knows how much money they gave to organizers but I think thats where the secret lies for the gap in their internal targets πŸ™‚

  33. TCS has the most chutiya HR policies .. just coz someone joined tcs 15 days later than some lucky feloow he gets 2k less basic, not to mention that even after 4 yrs u still get 26k as take home and that includes ur LTA and medical as a monthly component πŸ™

  34. Hello Frnds,
    I am very happy as well as lucky person,who left TCS in nov-07….I didnt get anything frm TCS…leave the Salary…even when we talk abt the professional life ther…i dont know whts is this Asia’s No.1 IT comp is doing….. I have been allocated to a project…where some 5-6 yrs exp. person had to hired…..after continuously asking for the exp…resource…wht did they give me was….fresher with simple B.Sc..
    TCS wants we people to execute million dollar project..without any resource and facility….
    work at offshore…with B.Sc..graduates…and complete the project in timeline…thats wht they expect from us…
    I was in night shift continuously for 7 months…but no one took care of me….and at the time of rating…they told me…u were not involved in the account level thats..y u r getting 3…dear mgmt and HR team….how one get involve in account level activity if he/she is in night..shift…do u want him to stand near by guard..and to protect office from theives….or u want him to clean all the desktops in night and clean the floors..these are only the possible thing he can do….
    I got that how Tata motors…built 1 lac car….
    I also heard that they are launching 2 lacs Truck in near future…so might be this time….employees has to pay salary to TCS…

    I waas planning to re-join TCS….but after all this drama…I cannt think abt it…


  35. Hi All,

    Let me conclude as TCS employee , The upper management is quite old to handle the new market trends. The authority setting the EVA target and the person who accepts the same are the ones who are responsible for VA recovery or salary reduction.
    Conclusion is that because of few wrong decision taken by upper management , around 90 thousand or more people has to bear the consequences. This is quite unethical. As TCS says ethics is one of their fundamentals. Now , Time has come when TCS needs young leadership to guide them to reach in globle top 10. Everything depends on Ratan Tata. Anyways , All the best to TCS.

  36. Hi guys.. this is not juz restricted to TCS there are other big companies with same problems. The recession may shake things a little bit and make our processes tight.

  37. After all this drama, does the company still continue the slogan of EXPERIENCE CERTAINITY. Even the associate’s pay check is not certain

  38. Ofcourse as the above TCSer has said its all a part of the statergy games of TCS managemant to achive the pyramid structure,
    So if many affected ppl in the middle managemant leaves the company it is an equal gain to the managemant.All this EVA targets not achived all those are absolute shit !

  39. The additional pay of 15K was given only to employees who got a rating of 4 & 5.. who are lucky to be called the so- called performance as they did not get into curve fitting… they say these “high performers” only contributed to company’s highperformance… and see this salary cut is being applied toa ll ratings.. 1 to 5.!!!!
    this is absolutely unfair.If they need to contribute for the company to avoid loss, the profit also should be equally distribued!!!

  40. TCS is the pioneer.. Im sure many companies are going to follow the same… as the industry trend setter has come up with a new TREND

  41. arre bhaiyo maine cigratte peena chodd diya hai, ab main beedi peeta hoon, aur main aap sab se appeal karta hoon ki tcs ke gate ke saamne khade ho kar beedi peeyo…. chalo rehne do inko tab bhi akal nahi aayegi…
    Ratan Tata ji aap ke zamaane mein baap ke zamaane ki salary mil rahi hai, sharam karo HR walo, i don know the salary is gonna rise or not after two months but in two months attrition is goin to fly high…hope god saves tcs…

  42. I guess you all have read by now that our salaries are going to be decreased and the amount too. I will be getting a f**king 7606 rs less from next month.F*** F*** F*** In the light of that new I would like to present TCS’ new punch line

    VISION: Maximum profit
    MISSION: Heck with the employees SCR** them and gain profit

    1. Hi I guess We can put the more effect on thier mission ,vision and values .

      Vision : Earn Profit , no respect for individuals, everyone should be treated as slaves.

      Mission: Increase Profit by sweat of tcs’er and drinking thier blood till there’s nothing left.

      Values : TCS Views ” We have no values if you pay us money we’ll even L****K the client’s A******S .

  43. Now days people are more stock market oriented from Ben Barnecki to All CEO.. in front of camera they show grass is green on both side but in reality they screw ground level people.. If that was the case why don’t they decrease they dividend payout by some percentages..

  44. This is serious thing. both for TCS employees and other IT companies. TCS is showing way other’s to follow same thing. I dont think 86 cr matter’s to tcs reason for salary cut. All the profit from TCS goes to tata’s buying companies over the world(eg corus) and employees salaries is getting cut. This will definitely hurt the moral of TCS employee who are working hard.

  45. They said that therewas shotfall in VA (Profit)in Q3so they have to cut the salary but they didnt say anything about Q1 and Q2. We got advance VA in Q1 and Q2 so the same needs to be changed according to profit.

    Boss, i am telling you this is the worst a company can do. According to me it is a sign of recession in Indian IT.

    This is Sad :((((

  46. I joined TCS 4 years ago and in these 4 years they have revised all policy against the interest of the employees:

    1- Earned Leave reduced from 30 to 16
    2- Tax fress super annuation changed to taxable Personal allowance
    3- Changed USA slary system and thats again against to employees interest
    4- Now reduced salary.

    Otherside they are spending money on maitree,Mumbai merathon, advertisement of experience certainity etcccc.

    God Save us….

  47. Tcs as being a MNC and wants to achive Top by 2010 which they say as their vision , but if they are implementing such kind of decision to cut emp salaries , then how can they see the vision of being top 10 by 2010. This is gogin to decrease the motivation for an emp to work and for other companies to grab the talent avaliable inside TCS. These will be the hardest of the decision that a IT company can make and once it is implemented by each and every IT company , then we all( IT ) will be no more called as professinals , rather we should call our selves as coolies in the bus stand.

  48. How about STRIKE? In production companies if something like this happens UNION LEADER make sure to go on strike. How about revolutionzing IT indestry by means of STRIKE. TCS will have to deposit back our salries. We dont want raise but atleast no cut. Think of the situation if all 1.8Lac TCSer stop going to office then Media will love to capture it, hype it and the whole world will know. TCS will not be able to face their clients and finally they will have to restore the amount. WHAT YA SAY?

  49. well I say Strike may be excess but If all TCSer only decide to work only 9.30 to 6.30 Then can also have same effect πŸ™‚

  50. See the financial result from TCS Balance Sheet of 31st Dec 2007

    TOTAL RESERVES N SURPLUS = 10522.29 Crores
    Company paid Rs 1020 Cr as divident in last 9 months to Shareholders compare to last 835 crs in 2006-07.

    A company who has reserves more than 10K crores can reach to this stage..i can not believe.

    Other side Comoany is promoting all the directors to executive directors..on what basis??????

  51. This move is unexpected and baseless. Cutting Q3 salary in Q4 is ridiculous. Anouuning this cut after Q3 results are declared is nonsense.. I doubt whether this is informed to the investors in Q3 results. This cut is flat now at 20% on VA. Whereas earlier when they paid (one time only!) extra VA when company doing good was based on employee performance!!
    There is no logic and no math, just bullshit to save the top Mgmt..
    Why a such unwarranted move now and that too by TCS (first company). Not heard any such cut from any other major IT company, though most of them are dependent on US $.

  52. One thing that we are not able to understand is they ahve issued dividend to all the share holders, but B*****ds have forgot about the revenues that we generate.Instead they are taking back the money they gave…

    Dont know what their strategy is, they are still recruiting people…..

    We can say TCS Management as “Pure Blood suckers”, they are wost than any…

  53. I’m a complete professional, and I work for money.. If TCS and some guys above, want “loyalty” then get a dog.. If Mr. CFO thinks that TCS can recover losses (mere 80cr, huh) by cutting salaries of employees, then he thinks crap.. Employees r gonna cut down their working hours and interests too.. This in turn will incur more losses in future.. Shoes off to ur decision, dear Management!!!

  54. When surveys are saying that India will witness the maximum pay hike w.e.f April ’08 of about 14%, TCSers may witness a dip in their salary!!!! This created drama is to give lesser annual hike as compared to its close rivals.  

  55. TCS cant throw ppl out..That will lead to its own degradation cus of the media hype and the thrown out employees will then give bolder interviews to press…

    I hope TCS understand this atleast…

  56. i think TATA MOTors has suffered a lot of losses or going to suffer bcoz of launch of NANO ! LAC CAR. So they are recobering money from employees of their big Elephant –TCS

  57. I heard TCS started throwing out the people as well!! good that tcs joined the MNC list :)!!

    i dont think reducing EVA is an issue,Its legal as our friends told..

    but the problem here is the HR ppl,recruting more ppl than required and then throwing them make profits..
    if profits are less.. compensate from EVA simple and good theory!! πŸ™‚ isn’t it?

  58. I waited 30 days for my confiramtion letter….but they gave the letter announcing the cut in a day…i guess TCS should display same speed in increasing salaries as well

  59. No doubt that “the news of Salary cut” has really come like a surprise to all the employees across the grade.

    The real promptness in issueing the EVA roll-back letter has certainly added to the worries. There are few important observations to be noted before we look into implications and comparisons with other Indian IT organisations.

    1. This 83 Crore recovery from Employees salary will be done to ensure that the organisation meet the commitment to stake-holders.
    Ques: What is the harm in declaring to stake-holders that TCS has not met the targets.

    2. This money (INR 83 Cr) will directly hit the bottom-line in company books. And important to note that ~87% of the TCS Stocks are with Tata Sons, which indicates that most of this money will go as one-time recovery.

    This means that TCS is helping stakeholders by hitting bad on the salaries of its basic stake-holders. (Its employees)

    3. As most of you have asked, what about the additional eVA pay-out when company was doing good. How it has been distributed.

    The fact is the “truth” (of Rupee strengthening along with recession in US Market) and “Irony” (TCSer is first to be hit) by this has realy hurt us together.

    But, at the same time most of the employees feel that the transparency in the EVA roll-out and the information with certainlity (through proper Channels) not with surprise would have helped us better.

  60. for those who are saying that TCS is not throwing out people , here is the rude awakening ..TCS is throwing out people ..2 consequitive 2s and ur asked to resign … i know some people personally who have either been aksed to resign or given a warning …

  61. Did we ever get a percentage in profits? I remem no bonus being received also. And what when the exchange rates increased instead of decreasing. Sounds completely unfair to me !

  62. Chootiya company hai sali
    CEO ko fire karo sabse pehle. ratan tata ko nano do, sala gando line pe aa jayega.

    TCS ek bhikariyo ki organization hai, abhi dollar gira hai to salary kam hui hai, iske alwawa aaj kal tcs mein ladkiyoo ko dance sikhaya ja raha hai, aur dollar girega to tcs mumbai mein dance bar bhi kholegi aur launde bajayenge guitar.

  63. Its a complete IDIOTIC decission:
    Reasion: If employee is in higher performance band…his salary should not be detected.

    it’s totally a performance then, MAX employee in TCS shown there performance as per there capacity.

    Its should be faire: If Salary cut is considered based on Performance Rating for Half Year of an each employee

  64. TCS’ers get Appraised on a Half Yearly Basis.. At the end of the second Appraisal cycle the employee is appraised for the whole year he has slogged for. The New compensation letter is a result of His Hardwork for the last year. It is a pity that TCS Appreciates it so cheaply…

    The new good news… Work 9 hours a day.. The Management did not realize that we are already working 12 – 13 hrs in office…

    Its TATA Consultancy “SERVICES”… Services are done free… They are not paid for !!!

    God Bless and May the Devil Kiss !!!

  65. I think it is time to leave TCS as they make us work hard and stick late nights for work and what do we get after all that? A Pay cut. Great. I’m not surprised. I am quitting this company and giving my notice period. Good thing that I already kept my resume floating and have plenty of offers at hand to choose from. I always keep this option as stand by incase my company stabs me in the back just like it did now. Inspite of the profits in the midst of dollar depreciation due to the work of its employees, this is what the management deems fit for them.

    Oh well, I encourage other folks who are serious about their life and careers where you spend it slogging at a cubicle to drive the revenues of a company to look elsewhere where the employer respects your work, personal life and your worth.

    Think smart guys…there are plenty of other companies who are only waiting for us…

  66. Tcs guys,

    It’s understandable to know your pain.. and now we guys from IT giants can expect the same.. Whatever everyone said is rite.. but i feel there is a important point being missed …
    ‘ y R IT Companies recruit freshers in huge, unnecessary volume at very high pay’s . By this they have spoilt the Working culture of the industry and the freshers enter with a pathetic mentality- they dont have the passion to work, but rather compare with their friend’s salary’. I see a fresheer entering my team immediately saying i’m getting only 3.5 or 4, by friend is getting X , Y. I jsut ask them to work for wat they r getting and do they know the value of 3.5 r 4 lakhs?? they keep Mum… Also they think they r recruited for their high talent, falining to understand it’s just the demand that drives, guys having very poor marks r recruited jsut because he can undersatnd English…

    Now r all these huge recruitment ncesseary to put them in bench … Y do they recruit on Need basis, that way fresheers will also know the value of Job, Money.

    If they regulate this area, the 83 crores can be balaced in matter of days…
    I’m not against frehsers recruitment, but jsut against giving more money for people who don’t deserve and payin just 1 r 2 lakh more for people with experience..

  67. It is really rediculous. The EVA is giving as per the associate performance in the last year. If the company is having lesser profits or losses, they shoudl reduce the EVA in the coming year.

  68. Hey ppl,

    I feel software industry is facing problems similar in nature to faced by labourers of US in The Colonial Period –1763
    if you think why ?? Here are a few similarites with the bygone era

    : most of you are non-native to the town city you work in.
    : you work more than 8 hrs still get paid for only 8 hrs. no offical overtimes, but unoffcially a 10+ hrs job, orelse rating will be 3 or less.
    : your company needs profit and always more profit at any cost
    : Dozens and Dozens join in everyday in a hope earn more
    : you have a smiling HR, to solve all ur problems……..which dont even fall to the companies ears.
    :your personal problems are your problems ,companies personal problems are also your problems.

    A guiding theme of the Revolutionary Era: 1763-1789 is how laborers earned a voice in the workplace and increased their share of the economic pie. I want to highlight the stark contrast between today’s working environment and the relationship between workers and owners of the past and today’s techie’s and their IT companies.

    So wake Up ppl, bcoz even in this 21st century we dont have a Union , or a commitee to address our issues


  69. tcs ki management maha chutiya and chor hai…saale market mein jhoothe result dete hai and employee ki salary se apne account bharte hai…

    Comment removed .. #################### …. foul language .

  70. tcs mgt is making a big fool of its employees….they have to show profit in the next quarter and that profit they will pull from their employee salary….
    the biggest fraud will be that in next financial year they will give back around 15% VA and will tell the whole world that we have given a HIKE of 15% whereas in reality it will still be less than last year salary.

    Also all infy and wipro guys who feel that salary package is more in TCS are welcome here…u will have to fuck really hard to get even peanuts

  71. Dear TCS Labours,
    Dukhi hone ki baat nahi hai … ye to garv karne ki baat hai …. Hamare RATAN Bhaiya ne abhi to jo wo NANO car banai hai … wo aap sab ke paiso se hi to banai hai…
    Car me jo tire lage hai .. wo aapke paiso se hi to lage hai…
    is baar Maitree to kisi ke ghar keertan organise karne me thoda kharcha jyada aa gaya to aap ki salary se le liya… to kya hua aapka paisa sahi kaamo me hi to lag raha hai…
    Ab TCS me ho to salary walary ke bare me jyada mat socho.. ye batao ki tumhara manager kaun hai… main dekhta hu use ki usne tumhe itna time kaise de diya free … ki tum soch sako apni salary ke bare me…

    Samajh gaye… ;-))

  72. TCS wants to decrease their resources,they axed the low performers with reason.Now they are tempting to remove the high performers(a.k.a those who are payed high) on their own by reducing the sal, as they cant give out a reason to push them off.

  73. Being an employee of TCS for 4+ years, i hate TCS doing such cheap things..They should instead cut salaries of Ramadorai..

  74. TCS pays US salary based on the living allowance here and the so called indian salary . When they declared the change last year it was quoted that no change will happen with what we used to get prior to that. They kept the word and there was no big change (although some people lost more money in dollars for some tax cuts & hidden cuts). As per that statement the pay cut should not be affected for people staying in US as we are not paid Variable allowance. But we also have to share the burden as being cursed working here.
    Already they are paying 40Rs per dollar exchange rate for the past 6 months while the actual rate is 38-39Rs. Just imagine how much TCS would have earned from this amount itself. But whatever happens we TCSers will only talk in blogs as someone mentioned previously. IF you want to change things then u got to step up and not just by talking u will achieve it.
    Talking about managers giving less rating due to performance is all bullshit. There is no 360 degree appraisal in TCS and you have to just cling to the decision of the manager who appraises you. F******g managers. Most of them even donno what is curve fitting. This is how it works in TCS. you want to stick to it then be a TCSer or else leave this crap. Dont think it will change. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.

  75. Get a life TCSers. 90 lacs and counting. When do you think your next promotion will be? May be, lets see, Never!!

    How can a company showing profits in terms of 10K crores even think about salary cut. This happened in 2003 too, just to achieve the ‘First company to get 1 billion revenue’ and the bald head CEO’s face on all the magazines.

    There is only one mantra running under all the software companies ‘GREED’. This applies to the pathetic employees too. NO TALENT still looking for pay hike like government employees.

    TCS has broken the golden rule ‘Never take back what you give’ more than twice. It’s high time people start moving out even if the pay is less.

  76. 7K pay cut in one month is really painful…unplanned cashflow…. atleast spreading it over 6 months or adjsuting the cut against the coming up yearly salary hike should have been opted by the management. 83 Crore shortfall for a 10,000 Crores reserve company is no big deal. But GOK why they opted this… Lets wait n see what happenes next.

  77. Hi Guys –

    Seems like this page is filled with all possible combinations of emotions possible (shock, disgust, pissed-off, naysayers, loyalists etc). Well, You might not like me telling this but, If you are angry about whats happening then find yourself a place which pays you better, a place which you think u deserve/ deserves u and a place where you are respected for your contribution. No firm can keep raising salaries – I mean there is a saturation limit. As for evaluations – you don’t have to lick someones Butt if you don’t wish to. Well if u continue in the firm then dont complain if ur boss expects you to do it, failing which u get a bad evaluation. Rupee rising over dollar, profits for the balance sheets are all issues but an equally important issue is – IF YOU FIND THAT U CAN’T STAND A PLACE THEN STOP COMPLAINING

    GOOD LUCK !!

    1. We cannot just F****k U***P and work …. sometimes its called fate . Their are no good opportunities in the market ….. and just by sharing thier emotions and greviances they are venting out thier anger nothing wrong in venting out frustration , why do u think they are complaining , they are’nt . They are just frustrated , not everybody are TATA or BIRLA many lives are dependent , they might have a lot of commitments which they might feel they cant meet thier ends. So Before posting such things just understnd the feelings of others , no everyone are bold , not everyone are rich , They are simply venting out thier anger I ‘m sure its purely justice to atleast vent emotions.

  78. Prove–Either “TCS Apprisal Rating is farce” or “The statement employees pay recovery due to EVA not meeting target even companies meeting it’s revenue target is false”.

    Proof by index and logical deduction.
    Let us assume
    AP(X)=TCS Appraisal system is accurate For all X where X is TCS Associate.

    REVA(Y)=Recovery of EVA for Qtr Y due meeting the EVA target.

    Q= If You are in band A then you atleast achive 100% of your expectation

    So the Above statement (S) can be written
    S=> P(X) or REVA(Y)

    Index initiation step
    Lets Assume
    1) S is false.
    2) P(x) is linked to Goal.
    4) Above assumption is S is true.———-eq1
    5) TCS-CFO Score Card for any quater is given by
    Qtr |Projected EVA(A)|Actual EVA(B) |Employs2Pay in
    Year | (Rs) | (Rs) |Next Qtr (Rs.)

    Lemma1- CFO Performance grade was in band-A for yr 2007
    Lemma2- All employees EVA recovery didn’t happen till
    Lemma3- CFO goal is to meet all revenue target.
    Lemma4-Q is always true.
    lemma5-CFO performance can never be less then 100%.

    a) for different Qtr p(x) is computed till Q3-2008 and following score card was produced using Lemma2.

    Qtr |Projected EVA(A)|Actual EVA(B) |Employs2Pay in
    Year | (Rs) | (Rs) |Next Qtr (Rs.)
    Q1-2007 | X.XX | X.XX | X.XX-X.XX=0
    Q2-2007 | Y.YY | Y.YY | Y.YY-Y.YY=0
    Q3-2007 | Z.ZZ | Z.ZZ | Z.ZZ-Z.ZZ=0
    Q2-2008 | P.PP | P.PP | P.PP-P.PP=0
    Note–Replace [P,X,Y,Z][P,X,Y,Z].[P,X,Y,Z][P,X,Y,Z]

    So from above table and using lemma1-4, S is true for all Qtr.—————————–eq3

    Proof Statement [Indexing Final step]
    Now from TCS balance sheet
    Qtr |Projected EVA(A)|Actual EVA(B) |Employs2Pay in
    Year | (Rs) | (Rs) |Next Qtr (Rs.)
    Q3-2008 |37600000000.00 |29300000000.00|8300000000

    Assumption1-CFO will Get Performance Grade–A for year 2008.
    Assumption2-CFO will Get Performance Grade–E for year 2008.

    If Assumption1 is correct then S is false as per eq3,eq4 lemma3,lemma4.
    Hence either
    AP(X) is in correct or REVA(Y) [ From if p->q ^ r then Β¬p->Β¬q V Β¬r ]

    If Assumptions2 is correct the S is true. Which will not happen using lemma5.

    S is false so ei

  79. Someone pointed that TCS paid 15K to each of its employee in Mar β€˜06 when TCS got additional revenues. The worst part is that that was paid only to 4 and 5 rating employees. That was too bad. Now they are deducting from everyone. Whatever may be the reason for short of 83 crores in profit. It doesnt suit TCS to cut it from employee… Its shame on TCS

  80. I love TCS. He he he .. It’s happenening everyday in here. Since I joined TCS, I find something stupid to laugh about. Some example follows. (1) You are working in a software company, though you have to share a computer with 3 other members in shifts. They don’t have enough computers!! (2) They do appraisals and eat our head twice a year for either retain your current salary or decrease it, and it may convert in increment in 3-4 yrs when you may get promotion. (3) and last, show met targets from employee salary… to be continues for many more… have fun ..

  81. No wonder TCS is known well for this kinda attitude…. employees are just salary from them rest for everything they need to payback to TCS …
    so u will end up spending ur salary on TCS itself.
    u work till late and make ur team work late to meet the stupid unrealistic targets…. ur GL will keep approving ur transport claims then and there….. the moment the cruch period is over ….he/she will forget abt anything called as claims…. there also u end up with ur bills pending for months…
    in my project ppl are having 10-15K bills pending with GL for over 4 months now.
    on requesting GL for approving the same he/she will sweetly say yes i will do it… and then forget abt doing so…

    Now comes this pay cut….god damn… at all if they have to reduce the salary they cud have waited for another 3 months wherein annaul appraisal the increment % cud have been reduced… with this employees might not get frustated.

  82. 1-TCS is a very rich company, but ironically cheap mindset and cheap thinking
    2-there is a concept of long service award 3yr & 5yr and employee get a wrist watch, for 3yr they ev given me a ladies watch(reason-no stock), which I cant use, 5yr which-> stopped working after 7 months, how pathetic.
    3-few yrs ago, I got a poor rating from tcs even though my work has been highly appreciated by clients and won several cash awards, when I appealed my appraiser, he said we can buy 100 people like you, it shows tcs middle manager’s mentality
    4-there are unwritten rules as more no.of yrs you serve a GL, more rating u get, freshers->2or3
    5-Me & my family and everybody I know are so ashamed that I work for TCS
    6-I committed most unforgivable crime for staying in tcs for more than 6yrs and now its high time for saying goodbye
    7-There are no career plan, personal ambition, growth in tcs, Money is ultimate thing. nobody cares for career, we just work hard and @ the end of the day get peanuts, managers just chk emails and earn millions.
    8-employees working at client site are worst affected, no personal will, tcs doesnt care to protect emp’s work-life balance
    9-there is a huge discrimination for loyal emp & lateral hires. lateral hires of same exp/skill level get much more higher salary than emp of same exp/skill in TCS since begining. even they get early promotions. I have seen lateral hires who can do good brown-nosing can get 3 promo in 3 consecuting yrs, unbelievable is nt it. but its fact, there are always backdoor policies
    10-tcs does nt recognizes ur continuous 13+ hr productive & efficient work, at least I never was recognized or compensated what I deserved
    11-finally loosing 20% salary cut is the greatest reward for me in this new yr, u know why?, this will trigger me to quit the hell
    finally pls excuse me, if this hurts any tcser’s emotion & pride.

  83. i am not a tcser but this has really set my mindset not to join it. Plus i thought its only us suffering here… but guess what there are so many compnay behaving cheaply out there.. its dog eat dog world man… performance based rating my foot!

  84. Yes its part of the strategy games of TCS management to achieve the pyramid structure, Pure tactics by top management especially rewards goes to our great CFO and HR head. They are happy not the associates.TCS is concentrating on trainees and very senior management only, they do no bother about the employees having experience of >3 Yrs in TCS and <20 (in few cases 15 yrs) Yrs in TCS. Its clear message this band width ppl can go out of company, TCS will run the show with trainees…

  85. The TCS is one of the best IT firm in india which pays more than other IT giants wipro,Infosys and all.We cannot blame them ,because they cannot stand alone without considering US economy.

  86. All these ppl who are constantly complaining and cribbing about the cut and threating to leave can do just that..

    They can leave and join Infosys,Wipro or any other company where the pay is great,hell lot of work satisfaction and no sitting beyond 6.

    Hhehee…wake up guys,its the same thing everywhere.We dont live in a perfect world and remember you are working for yourself too,not just the company.

  87. The debate is veering off to what can be safely termed as my di@# is bigger then your d(*&.
    So far as niceness of Indian IT is concerned; wake up and smell cofee; guys! Indian IT cos run a factory with techie-coolies. As long as USD was priced rightly the party went on… now that it moves other way, get ready for some rock & roll. TCS or not TCS hardly makes a difference.

    The fact that cut has been made is not an issue but the execution raises the stink! TCS does pay extra EVA when performance exceeds expectations; but there are 100 criteria you have to be fit with before you can have it. But when it comes to a cut; no eceptions…unless you are fortunate to be a senior grade… Wake up! The cut is applicable from certain grade to certain grade… No boss is taking a smaller package home……

  88. TCS the best company for mediocre Cyber Coolies….. Any joinees who dream of coding / testing for some MNC Cos; reporting to a high school gora dropout in London, Living 11 person to a two betdroom house in slums of east London and discussing how to recovers that 5p from colleague who has taken an extra biscuit from your packet…….

  89. PAY RISE
    Yes, i have received extra Variable allowance at the end of Financial Year as TCS’s performance was better than expected.
    Its a decent company with decent policies.

  90. Try to understand the current situation in US.
    The Company like TCS won’ cut off the salaries of employees at any cost without any serious circumstances .They will think twice before taking such a decision.The Persons who left out the company may show a tendancy to blame them.

  91. This is ridiculous if you can’t increase the salary marginally then atleast you can’t cut the salary. Its a mgmt funda to remove the middle mgmt & top mgmt from the Ship. only the ppl from entry level will be affected by this.

  92. Hey Guys,
    Don’t worry actually in Q3 i was busy preparing myself for Standard Chartered Marethone. So company couldn’t do well in acheiving EVA targets.. Now since I ran for 45 km in marethone, so I need some rest and don’t get panic and carried away in Q4 you will get some more VA reduction relief in salary – Chandra

  93. who ever comes to TCS gets trapped …they make u work on outdated technologies that u r not in a position to switch the company…or ab naya natak hai salon ka.. salary kato abhiyan..inki maa kaaa naaakaaa…..
    maar lo hamari…………..

  94. Hi,
    I am not agree with u DEAR sir/madam.
    Freshers have the mentality to work in time.IT companies r recruiting lots of freshers,this doesn’t mean that we freshers spoiling the work culture.Freshers r todays generation.They have the power to enrich the company culture and they r worthy to pay.It is not unnecessary.Generally the people like u always use the company in ur own.Man like u use freshers to improve ur rankings……Is it false…!!!!!???

  95. I don’t understand what TCS thinks of.. They have cut 20 % on VA, which is 30% of the gross… It comes to 6% cut on total gross.. So 6 % cut for Q3 quarter (Oct, Nov, Dec 08 – three months).. Q4 cut we don’t know now, but will know in Q1.. Keep this aside.. TCS gives news to media that it is just 1.5% cut.. What is this calcualtion.. They do this calc per annum or what.. The Q3 6 % cut, they applied to one year and saying it is just 1.5% cut. They assumed that they are not going to cut anything for Q4, can we believe this?.. What a management.. Sucking employees and cheating the investors!!!

  96. Same happened in the 2002-2003 timeframe. Typically with Indian companies, VA as a percentage of base salary is higher than 10%. The whole point is, when profit is low or IT investment shrinks across the industry the company still has a fall back option. I used to have lotsa misgivings but after having seen the other so called MNC service companies ..Accenture, IBM to name a few.. i’ve become neutral to tcs. U get the best treatment if you are working with a product company ..
    to sum up.. this ain’t a surprise to you guyz, you all knew the positives and negatives of working with TCS when a recession is likely in near future. Either grow out of average or live in the same cage and keep barking

  97. They said 83 Crores is short. For 1 lakh+ empoyees this amounts to Rs.830. I don’t why they have to cut even the 1.5% they wanted to recover as it’ll amount more than that by even TCS salary standards.

  98. Hi Guys,

    I do believe that TCS was a really great company to work with but I would sadly say that I was always disappointed with the salary.I got more than 5 offers in 2005 bcos I had knowledge I gained from this company.
    If you guys do believe salary affects your working in the company then I suggest you to get an H1B visa and come to US ( thats what I did in 2005 ) make a couple of job changes and you could be in the six figure $$ braket within 1 yr.

  99. Hi,

    I was just curious abt the salry that we IT wallahs are getting.
    I’m work for Cognizant for the last 2 yeas and getting 27000 in hand. my rting int compan is 4/6.

  100. Hey Guys,
    I have been goin through this blog for a few days now and have seen varieties of emotions, facts and acrimonies. I am excited by the fact that so many people have expressed themselves in such a diversified manner and without any compulsion or trepidation. However, a fact might be none was able to point out was that at the end of the day what matters the most for any group of people, say a state or a nation or a race or any such group bound by a commonality is, protection of self esteem, equality and a fair chance to grow and excel. And, in my mind’s eye, I see TCS has served this purpose much more substantially than any other organisation. I remember how India and the middle class used to be when I was grew up as a child. I never saw a computer till I was in final year grad. And I used to hear from a cousin of mine in the UK, who was of my age that the computers were not such a dream to touch then in their life…And now when I see the kids of my friends today (I can’t see mine as I have never been bothered about commitment!) I feel happy about them having a better infra to grow up with. They dont have to walk to the only neighbour in the area who boasts of a TV to watch or BVikram aur Betal…And for all these changes, I thank TCS for leading the way.

    I would not really mind a 20% deduction of my EVA for 2 months, which in a salary of 7.5 Lakhs ammount to ~ 20,0000 INR.

  101. Arre bhai paisa to haath ka mael hai….iske baare me itna kya sochna….apko TCS jesi mahan company me kaam karne ko mill raha hai khush raho….khushi hi sabkuchh hai……

  102. TCS aur mahan, my ass. abe bh**di ke “last post” kisi ko bolna mat TCS me hai tu sala ijjat ka phaluda ho jata hai. TCS ko mahan bola to sale tere G*** me MAHA N bana doonga.

  103. Dear TCSers,

    Dont panic.Im still there.You can all come to my home and collect infosys offer letters and handover your TCS offer letters to me.I’ll send to Chandrasekharan in bulk at a time.So,what are you waiting for? Come,join Infy!!!

  104. Dear friends,

    This is really a sad news!!!!! Tum logo ko yeh batana chahta hoon kee abhee bhee waqt beeta nahi….TCS se bhag jao….nahin to in ch***iye bhediye PLs aur GLs tum logo ko kachcha chaba jaayenge……

    Ek saal pehle mera haalat yahi tha….TCS ke maadar**** management ne mera bahut maari thi….lekin ant me maine khoob maara aur bhaagke aaya….

    Yours Frustrated Fu***ng Ex-TCSer

  105. Hi guys,

    I understand that you people are not getting paid to the mark in TCS.So,im making you all an opn offer to come and join us.Im ready to give 40% flat hike on TCS salary what you are getting right now.

    Looking forward to see you soon in our organization!


  106. Amma!!! Aisan kyon salary de raha hai be yeh TCS waale!!! ab EVA bhee katne lage!

    TCS (Totally Chindichor Services) chindichor kaama karaake baingan mila raha hai apnee izzat ko!!!!

    Aur TCS chindichoro ka adda ban jaayega….pukkata ke chaya, pukkata ke samose khaake kaama koi karenge nahin!!!

    Regards, Salim Pheku!!!

  107. Hey you F***ing Dabbawalas!!!! Even during the worst stage of IT Industry (2002) TCS was one of the top company who didn’t send their employees back home.. It’s just a temporary period.. We’ll come back.. We are just slipped and we have strong base.. We will come back in Q4…
    Stop offering us!!!

  108. This post is edited by Moderator

    Hey Fu***ng fellow,

    [Dubbawala CEO u have taken things too much. TCS can reduce pays cos its pay is higher than the competitors ie Infy,Wipro and way over dubbawalas..]

    How much TCS has paid you to write this article!!! If not for we dabbawalas, people working at TCS offices far away from their house wont have their food.

    [I think u must have been either from wipro,Infy or really a dubbawala who was fired from TCS]

    I think this has been written by either a PL or a GL…..

    One article wont change our attitude towards TCS employees…..we have still kept our doors open!!!!

    Dabbawala CEO
    Sorry bhai please continue picking our baskets ..we wont shift company for a petty thousands of rupees

  109. Hey

    Dont panic.. Pay cuts are understandable but i dont like the way our HR handled the whole thing.. They are not tellign us anything. Lot of big companied have cut salaries and come out of a bad period in style but they communicated and treated the employees like employees and not coolies.

    I dont undestand why they pay the freshers so much. they dont get the value of money and spoil the whole work culture. All they do is discuss what new mobile to buy or where to party. They dont work hard. THEY MUST LEARN THE HARD WAY IN THE BEGINING YEARS.

  110. Guys,
    Make it quick before its too late !!!
    Try out other Non-Domestic MNCs.
    Simple rule – “The moment you see you are losing the game, change the rules. If Company doesn’t bother about you, why do you bother.”

  111. I am a total professional working for money. To enjoy my life I have much better hobbies. I am having no intentions of working hard any more. I would like to update my resume with the recent assignment I finished and look outside. Even if others aer following the trend I will still get much much higher than what TCS pays. I am a TCSer and my motivation has gone down to “0” to do any thing. Any ways in this organisation creativity, ideas and innovation is not at all valued. The mid and seniour managment sucks. Basically they have too many managers in TCS and they try to manage each others also. More than half of them will not be qualified managers even, and some might not have executed a real delivery project in their junior days but still gets on top as they can lick the management’s asses better..I worked in this organisation for 6 years and found that managers here have no calibre to take innovation to a logical end. they are scared of delivery and even they make false promises. most of them are not needed.. if TCS chucks them out then they can recover for so many quarters i guess.I have been thinking of quitting for some time but this news came as a big push. I heard that TCS is laying off 400 employees. its so peculier na!!! hire 1000 and lay of 400..
    playing with the careers.. I guess TCS make junk professional. If you are not able to find work for urself TCS will not have anything more than junk to offer to you. They came so far due to mergers with other big companies. that’s how they grew.. At present they seriously lack in thier capabilities to visualize a better future.

  112. both tcs and infy are worthless companies, doing the worst kind of work and pay the least. They have also lost their brand name, anyone can get a job in these places anytime, u don’t need any skills.

    Try some multinationals…..

  113. Comparisons of Salaires of people 2of -3 years exp in the IT industry in india

    Top Segment – Gooogle/Microsoft/Yahoo/Adobe –
    1 Salary 10 – 15Lakhs
    2 Qaulity of work – Excellent

    Sapient/Capgemini/SAP Labs/
    1 Salary 6 – 9 lakhs
    2 Qaulity of work – Very good

    Lowest Segment
    1 Salary 3 – 4 lakhs
    2 Qaulity of work – pathetic

  114. Guys,

    We need to fucking wake up before we get 50% cut in out salary. Those days are not very far when TCS will ask us to contribute 50% of our salary to get paid for next month.

  115. I have seen GLs and their coterie spend time with manipulated data, and this time has gone beyond usual rosy picture. Should not GL and above be penalised with 50% pay cut. After all they spend SWON budgets, 30% on travel, 25% on their salary, and probably the rest for company with giving reports and chatting.

  116. dear comerades,
    These are the times of crisis for TCS.
    I contemplate worse times ahead.There’ll be more such quarters…but believe me…the company cares for you.Lets show our love for the company by selling one kidney each.
    That’ll surely fill profit gaps upcoming quarters.
    Kisi ke paas koi aur dhaansu idea ho to batao.

  117. TCS has the worst people managing projects in the 7 – 12 years range of experience. These fools don’t know how to increase revenues and how to utilise resources. These people themselves are earning huge amounts of money. I think TCS should kich these people out of the organisation because they are such a waste. They hold all PL,GL and senior manager roles and are making the juniors work like dogs and their mismanagement is causing all shorts of worries and troubles. In times of crisis also things can be different and no need to cut salaries. Just kick these 7 – 12 years experienced guys out of TCS. TCS will surely become global top 10 by 2010. Just kick these buggers…..

  118. I totally agree. These seniors just drink coffee and have lunch and enjoy their time at office. They do no work. When a junior comes up with suggestion they take away the credit for that. Always promoting their own cause. They are blood sucking leeches on TCS. TCS needs a dynamic and young talented leadership force. ……. just like the indian cricket team…… kick out the seniors ……….

  119. I totally agree. These seniors just drink coffee and have lunch and enjoy their time at office. They do no work. When a junior comes up with suggestion they take away the credit for that. Always promoting their own cause. They are blood sucking leeches on TCS. TCS needs a dynamic and young talented leadership force. ……. just like the indian cricket team…… kick out the seniors ……….

  120. Hi all, TCS scared the shit out of all the ITers…

    I think its time to change where u can negotiate the loss due to cut as a joining bonus… πŸ™‚ and also geta good hike, as ppl expecting a sal hike in this march.., imagine the % u will get as a hike… πŸ™‚

  121. True. Ratan Tata Cares. Probably few in management care. Bulk of them in Management do not care. Perhaps Paddy HR bothered. So he was moved.

    Gentlemen, dedicate your life and career for company that cares, not for the company that works with shit metrics.

  122. hey dudes. i don’t agree to what ever you say!! you have been paid better till now and you are on par with us. why do you cry? is that only because you are well educated? if yes, then this is not a professionalistic language which needs to be used. am working @ a call center. we never used these sluggish words. i would have taken a chance to say that you people are on par with the industry standards. Agree and accept to live or leave.

  123. I dont understand that the company’s roadmap to Global Top 10 by 2010 could be only reached by increasing the head count!!! we go on incresing mediocre crowd from low-middle grade institutions and pay little to get little.
    I do not oppose the pay cut it was imminent but I think it should be more than just slashing pay. Increasing work hours or 6 days working would not get results [as those who are working in TCS do that voluntarily]; its the the TCS policies / various groups among ourselves that needs to be re-evaluated and dissolved if the need arises, they have been eating the company’s resources for quite a while now.

  124. Mr friend

    This ones for you

    you are a call centre employee, a bloody 10th fail who may not have ever gone 2 college and are payed only to blabber on the phone which even my 5 yr old daughter can do………………don’t compare u’r self with techie’s…………….we should definately be well paid for the educational background and technical skills we have…………..this is only a passing phase………..once the indian economy is strong, we would no more depend on the western countries for buisness………..the tata’s, reliance,Birla, MRF, Indian Banks etc will be powerful enough to generate buisness for indain IT companies…………u guys survive without any skill…………where would u go if the US plans to shutdown all call centres here?????………..think b4 u speak

  125. Folks, This is really frustating every TCSer cut in the salary. TCS management never ever respects the employee and they are not employee oriented company.Most of the MNCs pay more than TCS. Best of luck.

  126. This is part of the “disgusting” moves the employER friendly company has been doing.

    All policies are done to benefit the Employer, but, it’s projected, as if it’s done to benefit the employee – by benchmarking it to industry standards.

    I dont see the logic, why only things that harm the employee and benefit the employer are benchmarked.

    Vision is a bunch of crap. Process is non exisitent and PCMM 5 claim is total bullshit.

  127. After salary cut and equation -500,now co. has give one more surprise by giving no promotions this year Big..cheers πŸ™

  128. Yes, there will be promotion for Jan 2008 cycle. Guys just wait and watch till middle of April 2008. All the decisions are being taken in mumbai corpporate office and so far the rumours are positive. So, be happy !!

  129. I have been working in TCS for last 4 years.The way TCS management works hurts me a lot.There is no business ethics among the people at the top level though common people have a notion that it’s a good company.If you ask your manager about the decision on January,2008 Promotion Cycle,they will say that they are not aware of the same.Ask your HR, they will simply reply that they didn’t get any update from the corporate office.In short,TCS management either cannot take proper decison on time or they are not honest enough to give the right answer.

  130. I am an employee in TCS since three years now. All I can say about the management is that they are rubbi8sh in their ideas. My supervisor does not even know how to talk to client and has absolutely no business ethics. TCS giving pink slips to its techies, dont understand when are they going to give the slips to their middle level managers…How would you justify a 4 billion dollar company having to f*** exit policy at onsite, when even a smaller player like Patni having one. This company is only good for freshers who should get out of this in couple of years after getting the brand name.

  131. Now ppl having fraud experience certificates are most welcomed by TCS. And even the HR knows about this but can’t do any thing because they are so closed to the employee and don’t want to terminate them. I’ve valid proof. If the TCS HR realy wants to know them then please contact me

    Your choice to know them.

  132. TCS ka naam bada aur patloon chotta hai. Ab toh woh bhi phat raha hai. TCS ka management kissi nukkad dhabe wale ke haath mein do to bhi yahi haal hoga. Toh bhaiyo aur behno apne maapdand ko theek karo, aankhein mundne se billi toh nahin chali jaaegi. kitna bhi kaam kar lo, kitne hi loyal kyon naa ho jaao par ek baat yaad rakkho, na tum company ke aur na company tumhari hai. aae mahine demotion ho to kisse mazza aa sakta hai kaam karne kaa. Andhe se andhaa mile kar kar lambe haath wali baat hui naa.

  133. Well, all this is people business. These so called Big IT firms hire massively and lock India’s Skilled resource pool with them and Send the people to US & Europe earn enormous profits and shell a piece meal to the really hard working person. US govt should open the H1 and other Visa quota for individuals to come and work directly in United states. This way Hardworking person will be benefited fully and US Economy will be enriched as there exists complete freedom to work and live anywhere/anycompany for the individuals.

  134. Now TCS has adopted a new way for cost cutting instead of deducting VA—— Reduce performance band of an employee by 1 level !!!

    This will in result decrease in salary and ppl will hesitate to share this incident with anyone. !!!!
    Wat a bullshit this company is doing !!!!

  135. Hi, Recently TCS has announced ‘Performance Band’ for each individual like A, B, C,D.. I dont know till where the list goes on, but do any of you hv an idea for wht this stands for and how is it going to affect the salary?

  136. In Aprilpromotions happened for people only with4 and 5 rating,,,Atleast this is what HR says,,,,What about July now…Will policy be changed?? I am in TCS from last 4.5 yrs and am fighting for promotion from last 1 year…but no end result till now!!

  137. One more bakwas from this company: Mr. Ajoy Mukherjee (Global HR Head) announced a new pay hike with the following bullshit idea:
    1. Performance Pay (Variable Compensation)

    This year we are making a change in the disbursal of the Performance Pay (Variable Compensation). A part of the Performance Pay (Variable Compensation), as applicable for each performance band and grade, will be paid on a monthly basis. The remainder will be paid at the end of each quarter. The payout amount will be announced at the end of each quarter when the quarterly results are announced.

  138. One more bakwas from this company: Mr. Ajoy Mukherjee (Global HR Head) announced a new pay hike with the following bullshit idea:
    1. Performance Pay (Variable Compensation)

    This year we are making a change in the disbursal of the Performance Pay (Variable Compensation). A part of the Performance Pay (Variable Compensation), as applicable for each performance band and grade, will be paid on a monthly basis. The remainder will be paid at the end of each quarter. The payout amount will be announced at the end of each quarter when the quarterly results are announced.

  139. These guys are getting super freaking cheap.. I am work in sales

    No more annual company picnics onsite !!!
    Change in promotion rules..
    All printing, binding etc for customer bids and presentations will have to be done by the sales guy at the TCS office

    There is tons more ongoing and to come.. Cheap dumb asses

  140. Swamy (TCS’er)
    January 29th, 2008 at 8:14 am
    The cut is a bit shocking for all the employees here, but many are positive that it will be compensated in the coming months. For an emploee with a vision of 4/5+ years in TCS, its no big deal. I believe, off late TCS pay packs have risen to the industry standards and for the talented (good rating in appraisals), it definetly pays more than the industry standards.
    I am sure rest of Indian Software gaints will follow the same course of action by cutting down the bonuses if not the salary.

    Hi Swamy,

    innum andha kaadhula kadukkan potturikkiya?

  141. Ive been with TCS for 7+ yrs now.
    I dont care if TCS cuts my salary by a bit.
    I feel I am being paid on par with industry standards.Dont think I am rated all 5s .Ive seen all ups and downs.

    TCS is a great place to work. If you are smart enough you can get away with very little to no work, lot of personal time , peace of mind.

  142. TCS as a company is working for a profit. We employees are working for the money they pay.
    If you feel the Salary is low or is being revoked in a unfair way please leave TCS and join companies that you feel will welcome you with a redcarpet.

    If you dont have the capacity to be recruited elsewhere, just shut the ‘f’ up and continue ur work.

  143. Few facts:
    1. TCS packages for fresher and middle experience employees are much less than IBM, Accenture, Infy, Cognizant etc. Apart from these no Bonuses.
    2. Promotions have not been given since 1.5 years. Approx more than 20k employees are waiting for promotions.
    3. People getting more salary compared to other companies are non value adding people. Their salary is based on the income of account.
    4. Stationary items (Pens, Notepads etc.) are not available for 2 to 3 weeks on the pretext of cost cutting
    5. Rating is based on your relationship with your supervisor
    6. This company is going against tata principles – Whatever we get from people should go back to people in exponent – It is not happening
    7. Tata’s never fired employees in their history. But, TCS fired 2000 last year and planning to fire 17,000 this year. Fancy name is given such as voluntary resignation.
    8. Never pays extra when company grew well. But, alwasy looking for opportunity to cut.
    9. Employee get only INR 1000 for completing 3 years.
    10. For running a marathon, you need to pay your registration fee.
    11. For people in india, there are no get together events unlike employees in other countries.

  144. as far as we know, those who talk to immediate managers veryyyyyyyyy welllllllllllll( giving sweets, praising them, …..) get good ratings

    The one who works to keep up the SLAs, will be given 2 or 3 and they say no centre level activities…so if everyone goes and does center level activity, no need to do the real work which one must perform? is that is what is expected?

    When u are released from a project, u go to HRs(MATC), there you will be treated very badly…as if they are giving salary from their pocket…freshers and exp are same for them, first of all if TCS throws these HRs out, cost cutting will be done completely instead of reducing our pays.

    If u go to them for transfer….they ask u…do u hav recomendation?..means what? so if I donno any higher officals I wont be transferred? Should we be talking to higher ups..means we should be praising the immediate managers etc to get a transfer? they cant do it without recommendation? huh these are the TCS values and Ethics that they talk about… dont they have any process to follow for it instead of recommendations?

    Who must be a manager? One who can lead the team? per TCS, one who knows nothing about the project, just if he has recommendations tht enough…

    onsite…tht is for ppl close to managers…other ppl who work and are silent will never get…if they can leave them if they are silent it is ok…no..they tell we dont work, u dont handle tht this and giving rating of 2 or 3, and in your project the manager’s frend will be asked to work for 3-4 months and he/she will be sent onsite..instead of you…thts wht is pls be aware to have goood recommendations!!

    one more thing…One who doesnt know english or cant talk english, cant understand english, who blabber, who dont now the spelling of “Shall”(for them the spelling is “Shell”) are the ones welcomed by TCS!

    If u hav any of these above qualities, pls join and have a good time at TCS. But remember this will not go on for much time, getting curses from rest of the people!

    Its rare to see people with ethics!!!

    But remember wherever u go people are the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  145. Hello Mr 7+yrs in TCS, you first shut your ass hole with a stick…… ppl know what to do… whatever ppl are complaining about TCS are MOSTLY.. facts…… As u r there from past 7 years in TCS… u have no other way but to console urself for ur last time and life…. TCS sucks, I will be moving out soon….. mostly incompetent managers, u dont lick there ass, u went get anything…. no rule, nothing…….again TCS sucks..

  146. TCS – Totally Cheap Solutions

    – My Client has escalated issues to CEO last week citing delay in delivery .
    Guess what is the reason for this. As mentioned by someone in the post earlier , BA’s have ruined the version maintenance .
    The Big Brain of my PM might have thought he can hire BA’s for a nominal cost and excecute domestic projects under TCS brand name.
    I have no word to use but CHEAP . Right from top level management.
    Bloody unprofessional Ho**s .
    Even in time of recession 4 / 12 quit TCS in past 10 months in our project alone.
    – They wont get ideas like investing money and improving products . They want to reduce operation costs and make profits , or increase work hours to 9 and make the sweat shop to sweat even more to woo investors.

    – Chandra shud change his name to Shani !!

  147. Compensation letters have come for 09-10 it’s same as last year…ppl who improved in ratings will feel the hike and vice versa.

  148. Tcs is always a Brand which attract people to join. There is no Legal issues in reducing VA but unfortunately it has been very unsatisfactory when one becomes victim of the baised decisions. In TCS specially every GL/Account owner is like GOD who has eyes and sees through that only. People who are at senior rank doesn’t has time to listen to even there same designated people. Because so call Role which is more important. Anyway no regrets … only frustrations and cribbing is here.

  149. TCS is the worst company i have ever seen…..
    Here work has no value.
    All PLs and PMs are “laloos” don’t know how to handel a project, thats why most of the clients of TCS are moving to IBM.
    I hope one day will come when TCS will be called as IBM-TCS.

  150. i need an advice from senior tcs ppl or hr…regarding background check…i was arrested recently for 5 a dowry case…and the case is now pending in the court..which i am figting now a days….there is a clause in background check regarding the same..were you ever sent to prison….what is the tcs policy in such case…what is going to happen if i mention that yes i was in a dowry case…
    please help me…if anyone knows the answer…

  151. I am in TCS for a year, n it sucks big time
    so does its performance band rating
    they have no value for talent
    they now take 10000 ppl everywhere from colleges in villages,
    all bullshit ppl r in command

    all want to get out, n they do.. its like a 2 year intership ppl do for getting a good college for MBA

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