TCS increases working hours and gives VA cut again

TCS – TATA Consultancy Services, has gone too low in these times not only in terms of Revenues but also in its HR values and ethics.  TCS is not  exactly a IT role model it has always used tactics to circumvent many laws and also extract more out of employees.

There was a time when TCS used to steal employees Tax refunds and was sued in US, only  then it  started giving back the money, So you know how much values count in this company. During the profitable times TCS never made company performance related VA component. But once its revenues started getting lower now it has started reducing the VA.

(VA – Variable allowance, a part of salary up to 25-50% which is supposed to be dependant on company’s performance and individuals performance)

TCS has become cash cow for TATA group, and funded some of the misadventures like Corus, Jaguar Purchases. Thats why the employees of TCS are suffering with paycuts increased working hours.  Many have jokingly said TATA Motors is launching TATA Nano at the expense of TCS.

The funny part about making employees working more hours is there are thousands of employees in Bench (means without projects / unallocated to any project) and the ones working in projects are getting crushed with more work (As projects released many associates to bench to show better revenues from individual projects). This is the result of greed of Managers,BRMs and GLs.All the managers want to save their positions and present a rosy picture to upper management, in turn crushing the developers and making them work for more hours.

I bet the cream or even mediocre employees now will look to jump to better managed companies as soon as opportunity presents to them. Most of the people who were loyal to TCS till now might think otherwise going forward.