US Dollar to take a hit against rupee and may reach Rs 35/dollar..expected to decline against Major currencies

Dollar might reache lowest levels against major currencies in the coming days. The Fed rate cut on fears of has given a warning to Global investors about declining US economy.

       With more investors expected to pull out money from US and invest in other emerging economies and Stable markets, the dollar might get a big hit pretty soon.Dollar has lost nearly 15% against Indian Rupee in the last year. The Rate cut might trigger dollar to go down further and dollar might breach Rs 35 in coming weeks/month.

 Its not just the rate cut itself, but the manner and urgency shown in bringing on the rate cut has woken up many investors to reality.In turn this may trigger a chain event ans destabilise the global markets.

If you are planning for transfers back home from US..times are getting work so better plan soon.

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