TCS Bangalore employee Sudarshan Commits suicide

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Today on 20-august-2010 TCS Bangalore at ITPL , Explorer Building 11 floor , One of TCS associate named Sudarshan Committed suicide by jumping from 11th floor. He died on the spot.I worked on the same placed and I know what was going on there.Luckily last month I got release from the project.

I came to know from that project associates that Sudarshan was reprimanded and threatened by the project managers very badly just few minutes back when he did this gruesome act.

So many times I have written to HR about this Threatening mechanism of TCS managers and continuous violation of Tata Code of Conduct (so called) but all in vein. That place have culture and process in which 3 to 5 managers/leads will surrounds one associate in separate room and threaten ,blackmail , and humiliate him like anything . Of course no need to mention that environment and management is highly biased and decremental and favor only on the basis of Region and Mother Tongue.

One of the main reason for this suicide is that HR is highly Incapable and non-sense lady and she doesn’t have any morality.

Autocratic , extortionist and highly biased conduct and work culture is becoming trade for TCS Bangalore.

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Bangalore: A 22-year-old software engineer employed with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) committed suicide on Friday unable to bear the work pressure.
Sudarshan Guppedar, a native of Belgaum, jumped from the 11-storey Explorer Building, at the ITPB campus, around 5pm. He fell flat on the ground and injured his head severely. He died on the spot.
Sudarshan resided as a paying guest in AESC Layout, Mahadevpura.

The Whitefield police have registered a case. “This is definitely a suicide case as no evidence of foul play has been found,” inspector in charge Gopala Krishna BN said. “We rushed to the spot after being informed by the ITPB authorities about his death. The body of the boy has been kept in the mortuary of Vydegi Hospital. The post-mortem will be done on Saturday morning at the hospital itself,” he said.

A colleague of Sudarshan, who did not want to be named, told DNA that he was planning to quit his job. He had given his resignation and was waiting to be relieved from the company. “But the company did not want to relieve him. It wanted to retain him. There was a verbal spat between some officials at TCS and Sudarshan,” the colleague said.
Sudarshan had joined the company on March 13 and was working as a trainee engineer. He was seen hanging around with his colleagues about 10 minutes before he jumped to death. The incident left all the employees at the tech park shocked.

“We are extremely shocked by the tragic loss and deeply regret the untimely demise of our colleague. We will provide all necessary support and assistance to his family,” a TCS spokesperson said.

ITPB authorities said that Sudarshan committed suicide by jumping from a window of his office. However, his colleagues claimed that ITPB was trying to cover up its security lapse. Sudarhsan had jumped from the terrace of the building, where no one other than the maintenance staff had access to, they said.

They said Sudarshan had followed a security official to the terrace. While the security person was busy attending a phone call, he jumped off the terrace.
“The ITPB authorities are covering this up. Necessary action has to be taken against the security officials for negligence. We will not let this issue die down,” another employee of ITPB said.

Promotions in TCS BPO is Verbal

IJPs(Internal Job Posting) were rolled out before two months. The process is to select a candidate for a higher position however the results were decided even before they could role out the offer. The worst part is the even the selected candidate will not have his promotion in a written format, its only verbal!!!! The results were announced verbally and via internal emails. So if the management feels to de-promote  he/she can be put back into calls. So promotions are just an eye wash.

Partiality trend in IJP’s – TCS BPO

Are you close to the Management? If the answer is no, then you have very less chances of growth in the industry. Though you are efficient and process oriented, the additional qualification for any promotion is, you should have good terms with your superior officer. Recently there was a IJP(Internal Job Posting) announced for Team Leader and Escalation Desk. The IJP was conducted by the existing TLs and the Operations manager. The basic criteria to apply for TL  post is the candidate should be a Band 2, should have experience for at least 3 years, also based upon the ratings that were given in the past. However apart from these, you should also have a friendly relationship with your Superiors.

One of my colleagues who had applied for the IJPs conducted was rejected just because he did not have good terms with the person who took care of the internal job posting.  So there is  a partial trend followed by the management on promotions.