Promotions in TCS BPO is Verbal

IJPs(Internal Job Posting) were rolled out before two months. The process is to select a candidate for a higher position however the results were decided even before they could role out the offer. The worst part is the even the selected candidate will not have his promotion in a written format, its only verbal!!!! The results were announced verbally and via internal emails. So if the management feels to de-promote  he/she can be put back into calls. So promotions are just an eye wash.

TCS to announce prmotions in January 2010

Update – Jan 20 2010 –

Only Manufacturing ISU has completed 90% of promotions. Rest of the ISU’s the list has not been finalised, so you guys might have to wait longer. Anyway the promotions will be given one way or the other. Dont lose hope.

TCS announced promotions on Jan 15 2010 as a part of its Q3 results.

Given the excellent performance of the company in this quarter, I am happy to share with you that management has decided to pay once again 1.5 times of the quarterly component of the variable pay (QVA) for the quarter ended December 31, 2009. This will apply to all eligible employees on India payroll.

Additionally, we have decided to go ahead with the 2009 promotion cycle globally with effect from January 1, 2010.  This will apply to all associates recommended as per our process and guidelines.

Update 1 – As of Jan 08 2010, HR approved all eligible cases as per Jul 2009 and recommended candidates. So if you are eligible your prmotion should be under Corporate HR by now.

TCS HR is gearing up to handle the new promotion Cycle which will be run during January 2010, but the big question is Will it be Based on Jul 2009 or Jan 2010 eligibility?. Even the HR heads are in the dark on this question, but they are preparing two lists in anticipation of any one of these two criteria. But January Promotion Cycle is a sure thing and will be run in middle of January. Already HR heads of respective locations have sent internal memos about vacation/leaves during this period to the HRs.

Till the time Corporate makes public of the new promotion eligibility criteria dont expect HR to approve your promotion, as they dont want to do a rework next month.

On an interview to CNBC 18 our new CEO Chandrasekaran was quoted as below

Improvement in the sector is inevitably followed by the firming up of wages. Do you see salary costs also moving up after a flat year?

Yes, definitely. We did not have a wage increase last year, so there will be a certain amount of wage increase. But it will be moderate. We are going through the details at this point in time, and we will be finalizing it shortly. But there will be moderate wage increase.

More updates will be posted as soon as available.. Add your feedback here.