Microsoft Silverlight Slowly sets strong path against flash after all rumours

Silverlight is the recent and trendy product from Microsoft as it includes lot of features like videostraming,3D features ,animation as you have in flash.Its very difficult to release a second product and get a chance as the market is already crowded with Adobe’s flash and video player.But Microsoft is now successful in video streaming with some real user experience.There is a real evidence that streamed more than 11 million hours of live audio and video during the tournament.NBCOlympics also used Silverlight to stream the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Earlier it was blamed that most of the silverlight sample animations was achieved by Adobe flash and not by Silverlight.Many were under the impression that high end animations can only be developed with Flash and not at all possible with Silverlight.

But Microsoft today proves that all kind animations with 3D effect can be developed with Silverlight.Microsoft has released 4 versions of Silverlight in two years time frame.Each version has its own improvements and they also provide many kind of controls to build applications and also many new animation and 3D features.

Recently Apple has not provided the support for Adobe Flash in iPad and hence Microsoft is planning have talks with Apple to build some Silverlight features in iPad.

Microsoft to launch Ad supported version Office 2010

The news from Redmond Giant is that they will be launching an ad supported version of its famous Office Suite to replace its Microsoft Works. The Microsoft Office 2010 starter edition will be a free software  but will run Advertisements just like any website. Till now there are quite a number of small web based softwares like Yahoo Messenger and others using this model, but Microsoft’s foray in to this model will be a significant move.

Considering that using Microsoft Office doesn’t need an active internet connection, the success of this model for a standalone desktop application will be debatable, but again Microsoft can get some new customers. Also the Starter Edition is expected to have a stripped down version of Word and Excel, satisfying the needs of most basic Home users. If you are looking for advanced features, you can an upgrade card and unlock other features of the Office 2010.

The new Office 2010 is expected to be launched during the Holiday season.