Free Microsoft WebApps from June 2010

Can you ever imagine getting Microsoft’s single product for free? A big No
But now its been made free.(Thanks to Google Apps! )The entire microsoft office is available for free through office WebApps.This will have all applications of Microsoft office like Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.Users can have all the documents created,edited and saved on web may be in a common microsoft server as it happens with google Apps where documents are saved in Google central server.

Microsoft is facing some decrease in the Office Market share may be due to the entry by Google and many other small organisations like in providing web based applications.

Mr. Lieblich is the CEO of a small software company which typically monitors people system and takes the survey of what kind of softwares people are opting for and prefer to use most often.He said “Office is a great product, but it is quite complicated and people aren’t really taking advantage of the software”

Price of new Office 2010 will range from a limited, free Web version supported by ads to a full-blown version costing $500.Both the free version and the payable version will be available from June as per Microsoft’s plan.

Microsoft Office Web Apps and Office 2010 Review

With Google launching many web based applications like Google Apps its now the turn of Microsoft to release its own office web Apps a competent tool of Google Apps.With Microsoft Office 2010 getting launched they really see a rough competition as the IT industry is trying to switch over to cloud computing and the tools from Google is really making the work very easy.With the help of Google Apps its really easy for the users to access the documents,spreadsheet and reports online as in Google Apps the documents are stored in a centralized Google Server.Google Apps is free to individual users and for Business purpose it charges $50 per user for a year.Office Web Apps is sure not to have all the features of Microsoft Office 2010 as it is priced at $119 to $499.Price variation is much dependent on the office features and version numbers.

With Google Apps available at free of cost for individual users,Microsoft had the compulsion to release the Office Apps for free but they feel that it will make the users to have hands on about Office 2010 and gives the opportunity for them in making users to buy the real product.

Google Apps Vs Office Apps

Microsoft Office claims that Office Web Apps is coming out with more features to counter Google Apps.Naturally if its going to be Microsoft office word excel and all, users will really feel easy when compared to Google Apps with usability stand point as there will be previous experience in using Microsoft office.With Microsoft products obviously there is going to be a rich User Interface and its also the case with Office Apps.So office apps is claimed to have rich visual representation when compared to Google Apps.

Features of Office Web Apps

    Ability to create, edit and share Office docs with people who have Office and also with people who don’t.

    Enables two people to simultaneously edit the same spreadsheet, Word document or PowerPoint presentation from different locations through a PC, the Web or a Windows Mobile phone.

    The Outlook Social Connector a new feature in Outlook which gives the option to pull up contact information from Facebook and LinkedIn

    Video-editing feature in PowerPoint

    Photo-editing feature in Office Word

Microsoft Office 2010 ‘almost’ ready to be launched

Microsoft has announced that it is in the final stage of development of its new version of Office family that includes Office 2010, Visio 2010, Sharepoint 2010 and project 2010. reports that the office suite will be available for Business customers from next month and for non business customers in the month of June. A launch event is scheduled to be hosted by Microsoft on the 12 of May in NY.

PC makers might be authorised to load a starter pack called “office starters” which will have MS word and excel with some features locked. If the users choose to buy the original version they will be given an authorisation code upon purchase which will unlock the features and this way the installation process is made easy.

Also a notable change in the new office package would be the release of the browser based versions of word, Excel and PowerPoint, which will enable business users to share these apps instead of sending them over email. And consumers will get free access as part of Windows Live.

Video editing in powerpoint, and Photo editing option in Word will be some of the added features in the office package. Microsoft informed cnet that more than 7 million people are already using the beta version of office 2010.

Microsoft Office 2010 is designed to cater to different kind of users and it will benefit both business and individual customers with its improved and added features. If the above features prove to be user friendly then customers can be assured of improved “office” experience.