Microsoft’s new launch ‘Internet Explorer 9’

Microsoft yesterday launched its new browser IE9 at Austin, Texas. The browser has many features like Pinned sites (where you can go to your favorite site’s directly from windows taskbar without opening a new browser page, to do so click the icon on the left of the web address in One box/ tab of the website/ websites icon on the new tab page, and drag it to the taskbar. The pinned site appears to be a separate site from IE9. The pinned site also has a Jump list/ some have thumbnail preview controls similar to play and pause like in a video/ have icon overlays which display informations like status of the website.), new graphic capabilities and improved performance, Extensive HTML 5 support, Hardware accelerated text, graphics and video so that they act like the programs installed in your pc.

The installation of the browser is shorter and streamlined therefore the installation process is faster than its previous versions. Its other features include Snap (where you can view any two sites/ pages at same time by dragging them on opposite edges of your screen, and they appear side-by-side), One Box (for both navigating to a site and to start a search), Smart screen filter with Anti-phishing protection, Application reputation, Anti-malware protection and etc.,

Microsoft to launch IE 9 in September 2010

Microsoft is preparing for its next big launch party, the next generation of its famous Web Browser Internet Explorer, Since the launch of IE 7 Microsoft has steadily rised in the Browser Games, with IE 8  MS started following the open standards in rendering moving away from its own implemenation.

With IE 9 Microsoft tries to beat Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome in terms of performance and native hardware rendered support for HTML 5. MS boasts of considerable performance improvement in Javascript implementation (Sunspider tests) , ACID tests (95%), CSS3 and HTML 5 rendering.

Microsoft has been target of  security critics prior to IE 7, but the criticisms have reduced and general stability and image of IE platform has generally been positive in the last few years.

Considering that IE is the only browser with a 64 bit version and Most of the new windows purchases are in 64 bit version, IE 9 can be expected to create considerable buzz.

You can test drive IE 9  here –