Should you add your Boss as Facebook Friend?

With the advent of   like never before, we tend to add a lot of people into our or networks, whether is a school classmate or Junior or your neighbor 20 years ago or even a stranger who wants to be your neighbor in Farmville.

But what about your immediate supervisor in ? Facebook is suggesting him as a friend but will you add him?. If he is someone who wants to keep his work away from personal life , by sending a request you might put him in an uncomfortable situation, or if he really considers you as a good friend there will be no issues.

After adding him, will you still be posting all the manager jokes or any office related joke? or will you be conscious, at times it can be irritating. And if you are not the one who is bothered by what others  might think, it still can hurt you like couple of Facebook stories where an employee was fired for a comment on her boss  etc.

For many regular FB users it can be restrictive and after a while irritating to watch out for what you are saying. Personally you can add your superiors in FB, when you are moving out of the project,company just to keep in touch if you had a person friendship with them, and it can even help in future. But  adding your supervisor in your FB can be an avoidable pain.

But if he adds you..well there are very few who I have known to decline the request.

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