RSA security not forthcoming on security breach

RSA based out of San Francisco, whose networks and several workstations were compromised few days ago, hasn't released much information about the level of information obtained by the attacker. RSA Security which provides two level authentication for many company's intranet access from outside premises  with a combination of  random number generated by Security Key fobs ( SecureId )  and user generated passwords.

RSA is probably the biggest name in Secure Access for work from home setup in many Fortune 500 companies and others.  RSA security is the data security arm of EMC group and was founded by the famous RSA ( Rivest, Shamir and Adleman) public key cryptography.

The way RSA has handled the issue has caused alarm in many quarters, without the details of what and how information was compromised many of its clients are afraid that the (s) could target their infrastructure without warning. appears that had access to see key, which allows the attacker access to the random number generated by SecureId and also allows them to change user generated password as well.

Some of the financial institutions might disable the remote access for their users to prevent any attacks based on the compromised information.

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  1. Wow, largest security company breached and also was part of the Sony breach, time for new real entrants into Security online

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