What items appear in your credit History?

The following post answers the following queries
1. What are tracked in a ?
2. When do items get into ?
3. Is my tracked in

Typically anyone providing you a credit reports to . This includes Credit Card Companies, Automobile financing institutions and Loan providers as well. Credit Card Companies will report monthly to the Credit Bureaus your monthly balance , total credit approved and whether Paid as Agreed or Delinquent in payments. Most Credit Card companies report to one or two Bureaus. But there are some companies which report to all the three Bureaus. Mortgage companies also report monthly to the credit Bureaus.

The items which get onto your these days can vary from your electricity bills to Car Loans.But In most cases the Utilities , Cable or Telephone companies wont report to credit Bureaus unless your account is severely due and your case is transferred to a Collection Agency.

Also anyone you enter an agreement with like an apartment Leasing also can post Negative remarks on your credit file.The negative items will have the account number and the payment pending details along with whom to contact regarding the Balance Due.

Apart from the credit information all the companies also report your last known billing address and Credit History report also becomes a way to track your various locations and movement. Each enquiry on your credit Report also gets stored in the Credit report, is a way look for how much Credit you are applying.

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