What is a credit score ? How is it calculated ?

is a number usually given between 300-850 based on an individual's ( Reports), though there is no fixed rule of arriving at a credit score, but the higher the score the better deals you get from lenders.

Credit scores are directly proportional to your creditworthiness. is widely accepted that a score of 700+ is considered good and any score less than 600 is considered high risk group. Each event in a person's credit affects the credit score, and the score change depends upon the significance of the event.

The following factors affect the credit score

1. % of usage of credit utilized.
2. Payment History – If you have paid on time on Credit card, or Utilities.
3. Lenght of Credit History.
4. Type of Credit – The more types of credit you have a better score.
5. Recent Credit Enquiries on the .

Lenders usually provide credit approvals based on the Credit Score, a good score means instant approvals and an average score will lead to scrutiny and an Bad score often outright rejection.

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