Steve Jobs too successful to accept iPhone 4 mistake ?

on Friday was defiant as ever, only this time its after a long successful innings with series, Stoutly defending 's issues, Jobs went on to demo a few rival which exhibit similar issues as that of iPhone.

was silly of Mr Steve Jobs to cry foul on the media and blogs, considering the most of the success of products have been based on the media frenzy. He wasn't too happy that the antenna issue was overblown, but then isn't iPhone itself overblown?

Well even Jobs complaining isn't a big deal after all when you are out of options that's what you do , but the effort Apple dedicated to finding out other phones having similar issues was the shocking part, the same could have been spent on providing a long term solution to the .

Whatever Apple announced on Friday was predicted on the very day of iPhone 4 launch, the real issue was why Apple was so slow in responding? afterall everyone knew it was except for Mr Jobs. It isnt going to be easy for the Apple fan-boys if cupertino company continues this way.

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  1. This video was really interesting to watch. He really is an excellent orator. I would never watch news videos as I thought they were boring with technical buzz words. But now I’m going to CNET to watch other news items.
    Thanks for posting. 🙂

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