Apple delays international release date of ipad

Following the strong demand of in the , has announced that will delay the international launch by a month, until the end of May. Apple claims to have delivered about 500,000 ipads during the first week of its launch in the US and the demand is far higher than it was initially predicted. Also it has taken a sizeable number of pre-orders for ipad 3 G to be delivered by the end of April.
This high demand is the US is likely to continue and exceeds the supply over the next several weeks. Apple has mentioned in the press release that it will announce the international pricing and begin taking online pre-orders on 10th of May.
Although the ipad has received some negative from its users especially for its inability to multitask and discomfort in holding the , its sleek design and many other features attracts more buyers each day and proves that ipad is a runaway success in the US. And this delay in release to international customer is sure to disappoint many.

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