Nokia E72 deliveries begin in Nokia Priority @ Rs 21200

Priority showrooms have started delivering the much awaited at a price tag of Rs 21200 inclusive of all taxes. Other retailers will have to wait to get the phone. Currently the phone can be obtained by ordering a day in advance and none of the showrooms have extra stoxk, currently they are filling only the pre-order pipeline. Sadly the phone is not available in white/silver combo, even the E71 doesnt have that colour combination any more.

Here are the current prices of the three E Series models from Nokia (Nokia Priority , )
– Rs 21200
– Rs 16100
– Rs 11400

Though the new E series phone Nokia E72 does offer upgrades in , and realigned keypad (same as E63) etc the E63 the besr value for money, if you are a serious business user.

Here are the list of Nokia stores , select your in the below link – Nokia Priority showrooms in your city

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