TCS posts better than expected Q2 results

() beat the outlook by posting decent Q2 numbers following in path.

The net profit was at Rs 1,640 crore vs Rs 1,533 crore QoQ (Quarter-on-Quarter). The are up 3.2% QoQ and 6.9% YoY.

TCS is expected to announce Full VA for its  for the Q2 this month.

The positive results is expecte to boost stocks in the market despite Climbing Rupee.

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  1. Guys, in one of the many promotion related posts on Dexternights, I had commented that if I am denied my well-deserved promotion without any logical reason, I’ll quit TCS in 90 days’ time irrespective of whether I get another job or not. I had said the same thing to my supervisor on the face, in front of the whole team, interrupting the weekly team-meeting, making his face and ears turn red with anger. He never relaliated because he knew I had nothing to lose. He just quietly complained to the Delivery Manager who later told me about it and asked me to tone down. I asked him to check his mail instead as he hadn’t seen my resignation yet.

    However, as soon as I put my papers, the HR and the local ethics counsellor triend to persuade me to take my resignation back and give them some more time so that they could work out something about my promotion and all that considering my case as an ‘exceptional case’. But I had already made up my mind so my answer was a straight faced ‘NO’.

    Today, I have come back to update all of you with this piece of information that I quit TCS on the 27th day after my promotion was officially denied – of course with a much better offer from a good company.

    Now I am out of T CS and so far I have been enjoying every bit of it.

    And, I am quite certain that I am NOT the only one doing so. Many have done that and soon many more will follow suit.

    Wish all of you all the best.

    1. Good job phoenix

      I am also am ex-TCSer, I quit in May after being in TCS for 5 miserable years
      Now I am in a small IT company but with a package of almost 4 times that of TCS package


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