US Internet Provider Comcast to warn users of Virus in their PC

, one of dominant Cable Providers is testing a new way of Warning. When the ISP finds out that a computer is part of botnet/virus activity, Comcast will send popup messages to the user's browser with a message about the presence of the Virus. The users will be provided a link to go to Comcast Anti-Virus Center and will be provided tips to solve their problem.

The message will be repeated every 7 days even if the user chooses to ignore the warnings. Also the advantage of this system is that this will work irrespective of whether user has a Antivirus installed or not.This new method is to be tested from today and if successful will be launched in a larger scale soon.

should be noted that most Non tech-savvy users never realise their computer has a Virus/ Horse and inadvertantly helping the spread of them.

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