Tamil Nadu exit polls : Swing is not a big thing

Tamil Nadu exit polls have sent many local magazines and news media to hiding. See the below take of popular media group's predictions before election

Kumudam Group – Kumudam Reporter –

           and Allies – 34  
and Allies – 06

Vikatan group – Junior Vikatan  

          AIADMK and Allies – 30
DMK and Allies – 10

Nakheeran (Gopal)

DMK+ Allies – 18-25
AIADMK – 15-22

DMK – 00

Hindu – N Ram

DMK – 00

I was basically stunned by these numbers by all these magazines when I read them, Especially when Ram came on on election day morning and pronounced his wisdom(in a somewhat angry tone) that DMK and allies will not even get a seat from Tamil Nadu. But when the exit polls which came out after 12 hours tonite, Dayanidhi Maran was in call with NDTV with Ram Sitting in NDTV studio listening to call.

NDTV predicted something like 20 for DMK and STAR News predicted 25 for DMK and Allies. Dayanidhi Maran didnt take much time to let others know he watched the NDTV show the morning and that he was not in agreement with Mr.N.Ram. He basically said N.Ram being a Communist was being loyal to third front and thats why the tone of the interview in the morning.

But whether DMK alliance gets more than 25 seats might be a big question, but the way media projected a sweeping AIADMK victory was scandalous. makes one wonder if at all media conducts surveys or they just go by what they think and what they want. Last three elections all the pre-poll predictions have gone totally wrong. The reason could also be because of DMK's media outlet Network. After Sun Network started magazines and dailies, other media groups were worst affected and probably they took sides with AIADMK. Lets see what really spans out on May 16th 2009.

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