Best Web browser ? – Google Chrome Review

My first impression of was not so good.The first time when I downloaded and started using , felt very uncomfortable without the Google Toolbar. I got so used to using Google toolbar and my first thought was this browser is not for me at least for time being. So after a few hours I was back to Firefox and IE 7.

Google Chrome - Best browser ?
- Best browser ?

Few days went on and heard somewhere Chrome works better with google's products like and . So again I went back to Chrome and started using with Gmail and to my surprise, Gmail was very fast in Chrome and I decided to try it for a few more days.The other main factor which was refreshingly good was how fast the browser itself opens and in this Google Chrome seemed to beat Firefox and IE by a quite a margin. But this could be because the current version
of Chrome doesnt allow support addons or extensions and does not have a separate toolbar like Firefox or IE. Maybe this might or might not change in future versions.

Now coming back to Missing toolbar issue, after a few hours with Chrome, I started using the bar of Chrome to search, jus like the way we type site addresses. Type any word and enter and your search are there for you. Still Im missing the suggest(and Autofill) feature which is present in google toolbar, which will bring related
keywords and help you in searching.

 Google chrome Browsing history view

One more notable feature is the ‘ Browsing history view ‘ when you open Chrome, It brings up to nine most visited website thumbnails, and most of the time I use these thumbnails to navigate these websites. This is definitely a very useful addition. The incognito tab option, which is basically private browsing which would allow any tracking files(cookies) to be stored in your computer or wouldnt leave any browsing history / Search history in your computer. Chrome also maintains browsing history in a calendar fashion with thumbnails and allows to search the browsing history. The browsing history can be deleted by day or completely.

Though Chrome doesnt have many new features now it has replaced Firefox in my laptop as the primary browser, I still use IE for what I used it for even before I got Google chrome. Nowadays I mostly dont use Firefox, this could be because firefox isnt faster or lighter anyomore and Chrome what I need. I believe Chrome will definitely eat into Firefox's .

On the negative side FTP downloads doesnt work in Chrome and even some other sites which use also work differently in Chrome. Hopefully this will change with the newer versions of Chrome, afterall Chrome is a newbie in Browser market. If you go sheer speed of Browsing and JavaScript rendering Google Chrome seems to be the best browser in market.

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[PS: I recently downloaded IE 8 and quite impressed with it, Not like Chrome but still will come out with its review soon]

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  1. Personally, though I use Chrome, it has to be my most hated webbrowser ever. I’ve used a lot of incompatible browsers and Chrome has to be the WORST by far. It hates forms, it hates Flash, it hates Windows, it hates the world. Half of the time it does stupid things with forms (such as when I hit submit, it just refreshes the page or doesn’t sent and erases all fields), then it’ll just completely ignore most Flash-based web apps. Moral of the story is if you want a good, strong WORKING webbrowser, Chrome isn’t it.

    I’ll be surprised if it even posts this comment here.

  2. I installed Google Chrome, and it was lightning fast and I decided… “Cool!”. Well after a while my laptop slowed down and got slower and slower. I did some troubleshooting, and it looked like I had a virus, so I did some hunting for it, found it, and got rid of it. Well the pc speeded back up again, but then I noticed that I would click on things and put in a URL, only to have the page switch back to the Google search page… RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF WHAT I WAS WORKING on. This problem got worse and worse. It would switch to Google, or switch to my Yahoo mail. I would click on an email, and it would go back to the Yahoo mail page. I deleted Google Chrome, and Zonealarm caught a program later trying to access the internet, some installer program with the name Google something .exe on it when I used my IE. Well, about the same time, my webpage would get hijacked again and end up on Google, or my Yahoo mail again. By this time, I’m getting realllly ticked off, because I have some work to get done and I don’t have time for this B.S. Well I finally got Google to stop trying to take the control of my pc away from me… and now my IE is stuck running without addons enabled, and I am not sure how to fix it. I try to watch a video and it says I need to download Flash. But right after I download Flash, it doesn’t recognize that I downloaded it. It just gives the same error message, over and over again. I noticed that right after I installed Google Chrome, my IE was doing this, but I didn’t think it was that big of a deal at the time, because Google Chrome was playing the videos just fine. I figured it probably borrowed or was using the programs and they would revert back to IE after Google Chrome was gone. Not so. Google Chrome is the most OBNOXIOUS software I have ever put on my pc.

  3. ive been using chrome for windows ever since it came out.. i mean i was testing it, but switching between it and firefox, internet explorer is out of my list because its the most retarded browser ever written. so at firt i noticed that chrome couldnt handle youtube content and mostly vidoes, but Google bought YouTube, so it would have been a shame for them not to fix those issues, so i kept on trying new Chrome versions and from time to time switching to Firefox, what Chrome lacked back then were addons, and mostly AdBlocker(like AdBlock+ for FF) and Download Accelerator(like DownloadThemAll! for FF), now in version 4.0, which im using there are several adblocking addons and it seems the best is AdSweep, who blocks google adds too! others block the advertising content but greatly slow chrome when loading a page, one of them wouldnt alow me to log into youtube, yahoo mail, google etc…
    but things with chrome drastically improve – for more than an year it almost surpassed firefox, which is since 2001 ( think)… so for about one more year chrome would probably be real stable and the normal stable versions would support addons and be stable as well, so for those who havent tried ou chrome yet, and want to, i want to tell them the following: “you have to be patient and understanding, because even if chrome has its bugs, it has features other browsers will NEVER have”
    for example Firefox- a really neat and slick browser, and it has addons! but wait! what happened?! all those addons are slowing my Firefox at both cold and warm start! what can i do? i can remove the addons, but i wont have the features they offer anymore.. is there another resolve??
    yes, there is – Google Chrome 4.0 – even if you install EVERY SINGLE addon on the addons gallery and meny more unofficial found on the web, it will still load for 2 seconds in cold and 1 second in warm start.. so Cheers for Chrome!!!

  4. having bought a HP pavillion dv4 tried every browser on here. Both IE8 and Firefox crashed and have needed several re-boots just to get the damn thing running again. I thought, why not try chrome? I expected it to be just as unreliable and ………….. with windows 7 it is by far and away the most stable system, I have not had one problem and quite honestly as not the most knowledgeable computer user, I am impressed. I am quite certain it probably says more about windows 7 but for my experience alone, chrome has been superb. It would be interesting to know how other windows’s 7 user are getting on with other browsers!


  5. I have been a firefox user for years and a die hard firefox fan. But every since version 3.0 and up firefox has been a memory hog even with no ad ons installed it starts out slow then the more its running the more memory it pulls untill it finally crashes. I hate this to happen to firefox and I hated to do this. But chrome really impressed me on how fast it loaded and how little it uses. I hated doing it But I switched from firefox to google chrome.

  6. Chrome is definitely better than firefox and IE. I run on Vista and I have not had any problems with it and my computer has actually gotten faster from it. Before Chrome I used firefox and it always crashed and I could not use facebook. Now faster internet makes me a happier person.

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  8. google chrome
    theres only one word for it WoW
    THE latest chrome browser incorporates applications like never before even games, that too angry birds what else do u want a browser to do , smooth interface great apps, now even the browers are getting into the apps war after the smartphone, soon i am feeling to imagine that i am in a virtual world

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