Apple and all major carriers are seem to be facing heavy order cancellations and possibly returns (before the 14/30 day return window closes). Several carriers who reported 7-8 of delay in shipping ended Sunday (11/05/2017) with 3-4 weeks delay in shipping. And by end of this week iphone X are […]

Apple iphone X sees heavy order cancellations despite perceived shortage

Apple launched it’s yet another product a Red iPhone 7. Many of Apple fans have rejoiced the color choice and has created a buzz among fans during the period of lull. While this is part of Apple’s long running product Red line (for fighting AIDS in African countries), the product […]

Apple’s Red iPhone 7 comes with some complaints

Intel i5 6200U vs 6300U vs 6360U
Intel introduced 3 Skylake i5 processors in Q3 of 2015 and these three Intel i5 6200U, 6300U and 6360U occupied nearly 90% of all mid tier laptops in 2016. All these 3 processors are based on Skylake 14nm manufacturing. Intel i5 CPU’s form the mid Tier of Intel’s performance band. […]

Intel i5 6200U vs i5 6300U vs i5 6360U – ...

Prius vs Ioniq – The Battle for Hybrid Glory Prius vs Ioniq seems to be an exciting battle in the making. Toyota Prius has been one of the most successful Hybrid vehicles in the past decade. Prius brings in legendary Toyota reliability and super high mileage with it. Being the […]

2017 Toyota Prius vs Hyundai Ioniq – Comparison , Price ...

Intel Core i5
Intel Core i5 Processors are considered to be workhorse processors falling between basic Intel Core i3 and Powerhouse Intel Core i7 processors. Price of Intel Core i5 processors have been low enough to be very competitive with Intel Core i3 processors. We are comparing three i5 processors using the same […]

Intel Core i5-5200U vs i5-6200U vs i5-7200U – Performance Review

The following are the Top 10 cities and their average H1B Salary (Salary should be considered as the least possible), as Actual salaries will have to be more than the LCA salaries. This list is compiled from LCA’s applied for each location for 2016 and only 90% accurate , as […]

Top US cities by H1B and their Average H1B Salary ...

USCIS - US Citizenship and Immigration Service
With Trump keeping his promises with respect to other key issues like Trans Pacific partnership and Affordable Care Act, the focus is now on Immigration and H1B. The news from Trump’s office is  President Trump will announce key H1B and Immigration reforms. He is likely to add stringent conditions to […]

Donald Trump to Announce H1B, Immigration reforms on Wednesday Jan ...

Trump administration has shown what is to come in next few months for companies using H1B, the filing fee was increased by 35% on the second day and first full day of the administration. While these fees are not going to dent margins , they will eventually add up. The […]

USCIS increases H1B Filing Fees for I129 I140 ...

There is a burning debate going in both American and Indian Technology sectors pertaining to H1B VISA reforms. These debates were started by Donald Trump’s victory and fueled by his “America First” slogan. Additionally some of the new legislation introduced by Darrel Issa and another one by Chuck Grassley & Dick Durbin, […]

How is H1B Salary Determined – Hard Truths about H1B ...