How fake was John Cena’s defeat at Wrestlemania 24 ?

Well looked atrocious, and the crowd at citrus bowl was stunned by the result of the triple threat match between John Cena,Randy Orton and HHH. Though I was expecting a Orton win, the way Cena was pinned was beyond imagination.

I wonder whether it was bad script or poor execution from John Cena and Randy Orton.This is how John Cena was pinned “Cena is full of energy, and next moment he goes down to HHH's Pedigree, and HHH goes for the pin and gets 2 counts before Randy orton kicks away HHH and goes for the cover (This took some 2-3 seconds so another 2 counts) then Randy Orton got his victory covering Cena. So virtually John Cena got defeated by 7 counts??? It looked unbelievable, I have seen some bloopers on , But this was so funny that too on a stage like Wrestlemania 24.

Has WWE falling for John Cena Haters?

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  1. john cena sucks… maria is better then he is i hope he gets injured and never comes back.. i dont know any wrestler that is more gayer then him.

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