Hulu is the real deal.. Youtube beware – Hulu Review

To my shock and pleasant surprise, there is a site to challenge 's dominance in .Unlike most other youtube and youtube like sites this is with a big twist.The content is really quality.I will say this is a very bold and progressive move by NBC corporation. Instead of allowing others to make money by using your content on net, why cant you make the money by ad supported system and giving all your content “FREE”.. That's right is free. The Big Launch Youtube Killer

Hulu gives all of Time Warner's serials (like Simpsons, Ghost hunters, Dexter ) everything for free on the net in a youtube like platform called Hulu.Did I forget to mention Movies as well ??? Yes I started watching Ice Age for nth Time in , and there are many quality movies.You can watch movies in Hi in Fullscreen as well.Though Every has 2 or 3 ad breaks of 15 seconds, you will not mind this as the quality of content is really great. Till now only way to watch these episodes, if you miss it on (or you dont have one 🙂 ) is through Pirate Bay or some other sites. So NBC's has started a great thing, Imagine watching all your favorite TV programs after coming home whenever you wish ?? (Doesn't it sound great ?)

More than anything its the concept, This is really a start that will catch up soon among other broadcasters, Quality content site like Hulu can easily make few millions every month by ad  revenues alone. Why allow others to exploit your content? Everybody knows its next to impossible to bring down the Piracy sites, instead provide them with quality and legally.Time Warner has taken a leaf out of 's ideas “Bigger,Better and Free” This concept will eventually succeed. All the best for to succeed and Stay free(Ohh the corporate greediness shudn take over)

Other Free content Include Saturday Night Live ,Family Guy, Arrested Development, Super Bowl XLII Ads, The , The Simpsons,30 Rock, American Dad!,It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and House and Me Myself and Irene (Movie)

Sign up here today entered the launch stage from Beta. So they allow direct signup and no need to wait for invites anymore 🙂 . It seems they allow only users to signup. So if you face any problem in signing up or If they prevent other countries IP's from signing up you know what to do  right ?

  me at I will get a account for you 🙂

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