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With Trump keeping his promises with respect to other key issues like Trans Pacific partnership and Affordable Care Act, the focus is now on Immigration and H1B. The news from Trump’s office is  President Trump will announce key H1B and Immigration reforms. He is likely to add stringent conditions to […]

Donald Trump to Announce H1B, Immigration reforms on Wednesday Jan ...

Trump administration has shown what is to come in next few months for companies using H1B, the filing fee was increased by 35% on the second day and first full day of the administration. While these fees are not going to dent margins , they will eventually add up. The […]

USCIS increases H1B Filing Fees for I129 I140 ...

There is a burning debate going in both American and Indian Technology sectors pertaining to H1B VISA reforms. These debates were started by Donald Trump’s victory and fueled by his “America First” slogan. Additionally some of the new legislation introduced by Darrel Issa and another one by Chuck Grassley & Dick Durbin, […]

How is H1B Salary Determined – Hard Truths about H1B ...

Honda is known for its quality and versatility. Over the last few years commentators and customers alike have differing opinions on the look of newer Honda cars. But one aspect which is not highlighted is a slow decline in quality. 2015 Honda CRV is the latest Honda Vehicle to have been caught […]

2015 Honda CRV is the most unreliable SUV of the ...

This article focuses on Operating Systems of Apple and Google, and how Hardware plays a huge role in success of each. I was happily using my iPhone 6 plus till one day I couldn’t answer the call despite multiple attempts of swiping. And after the few tries the call disconnected and […]

Apple Iphone vs Android Devices – How does the future ...

Based on the sales numbers from previous Quarter it appears that iPhone is losing its momentum.  Over the last few years, there hasn’t been a new innovation in terms of phones. When iPhone burst into fame, it was the multi touch UI and Appstore. But over the last few years almost every […]

With Iphone losing its Momentum, will iphone 6 be exciting ...

AT&T adds Lenovo Ideatab A2107 to its tablet series, Lenovo Ideatab A2107 has 16 GB memory, with Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, Nvidia Tegra 3.1.2GHz quad-core processor, internal role cage (it helps from all the shocks during a drop), 9 inch screen, dual speakers, front and back camera and etc., […]

AT&T adds Lenovo Ideatab A2107 from Today

I was one of the early adopters of iPhone 5, got it through pre-order on day 1. I badly wanted to get back to ios after some difficult time with Galaxy S2 on ATT (Part of it was battery drain in the Samsung ATT custom build of Android). It has been a […]

Iphone 5 facing problems staying connected with ATT LTE

Motorola has been a sub par device manufacturer,  due to the poor quality and poor UI, they have always been the also runners of the several markets. But with Google’s acquisition a lifeline has been extended to Motorola. I personally was expecting Google would start pushing out new devices,  but […]

Google magic behind Motorola’s next gen XPhone