Scraps, post and tweets now a measuring tool

For most people in the past waking up in the morning was almost always followed by a mug of coffee and scanning through the news papers. But today it’s waking up in the morning with a mug of coffee in front of the computer, checking emails and other social networking sites. While it is old news that social network sites enable users to keep in touch with their friends and dear ones, it must also be noted that the information such as gender, age, political views etc could also be used for user / consumer profiling for marketing purposes which otherwise would be a very time consuming and expensive data to obtain via market research.

Also researchers are now analysing the content of the messages posted by users to predict a range of things such as public sentiment on a social issue to box office hits. A BBC web publication indicates that the research conducted by computer scientist for HP, predicted a box office collection by analysing the tweets of social networking site twitter even before the movie was exhibited for public viewing. Their analysis predicted collection of the zombie movie, ‘The crazies’ to be $16.8 M and the actual collection was 16.06M for the first US weekend. Similarly the movie ‘Dear John’ was predicted to collect $30.71M and the collection was quiet close at $30.46M for the first US weekend.

The researchers further elaborated to BBC that by tapping into this kind of ‘collective intelligence’ and classifying the tweets they were able to predict second week fortune of many films. This kind of sentiment analysis can provide useful information not just to film makers but also to the consumer brands and other businesses to understand and focus on their target customers in more effective ways. Even politicians in many countries are taking social networking seriously to be in sync with public sentiment.

So it is clear that while you tweet, post or scrap about mundane things like watching a movie or buying new mobile and write reviews about it, they are being carefully assessed by marketers as your opinion influences buying decisions of others, there by, having a direct impact on many businesses’s revenue.

Google Chrome extensions and add-ons

Google Chrome, the new browser from Google, is gradually gaining popularity. This browser of efficient and faster, with the extensions and add-ons added web navigation with Chrome becomes more productive.

The browser extensions/add-ons plays a vital role in making a browser popular. Speaking about the extensions one of the reasons that made Firefox popular is that its availability of a variety of extensions.

Now Google Chrome has also taken a attentive measure by adding several useful extensions. This works as follows.
When you research several web pages and collect data, the data might be useful for further analysis however there is a limitation on the data. You cannot copy the table content, also it may not be amendable for further processing.
In order to do this we need some means to extract the data from the web page tables for further processing. The FireFox table tool extension is – ( So now the same way Chrome also has an extension that can extract data from web page tables.
The extension of Chrome(
with this extension the Table capture efficiently works as soon as the browser hits on a page with HTML tables. It immediately recognizes all the tables and brings the “Table capture” icon for you to navigate through the available tables and capture the ones that you need.

Chrome with digital dictionary

For instance if you want to install a digital dictionary, you will have to download the software and then install it in to your PC.
But now its hazel free to do the same. All that you will have to do is just to use the Chrome’s ‘Google dictionary’ extension which is – ( with the browser. Once installed, to obtain the meaning of a word just double-click on it.

Chrome’s extension of Facebook
Chat with friends without visiting the site! Just install the Facechat extension – (

Try out the Chrome extension for ‘Google+Twitter mashup” – ( which automatically displays Twitter search output along with Google search results.

Apart form these features there are two other stunning features added to make your life ease.
An event reminder tool – which helps you to alert on your tasks to be performed each day. the extension for Chrome Remind me – ((

Automatic web page translation – To use web pages of different languages the users have to go through several steps. Now its hazel free, here is the latest beta version of Chrome ( If you are on an alien language web page, the browser will sense it and ask you if you would wish to view the page in the browser’s default language. By pressing the relevant button, you will be able to see the web page text in your preferred language.

Twitter homepage gets a face lift

The world popular micro-blogging site TWITTER has come up with a new look. It has revamped its site and made its homepage even more interesting. the new homepage will have a constantly updated section for ‘TOP TWEETS’.

Twitter account holders can now watch celebrities and public figures being showcased. The company is pride that Twitter is a network where information exchange is rapid comparatively to other sites.The company says that the aim of the new design is to convey the message that Twitter is “a network where information is exchanged and consumed at a rapid clip every second of the day.”

The homepage now features a set of algorithmically-selected top tweets that automatically appears on the homepage on a regular interval. Hot topics now scroll across the new homepage which helps this site to become more popular.