Satyam starts firing non billable staff

Satyam Computers have started firing the non billable employees ie the HR, Training staff and Administrative staff. This is a precursor to the Big firing plan for the troubled company. The company sources confirmed that they still have kept their options open in terms of 10000 employees currently on bench.

The company is also rumored to be giving another option ie employees can go on leave without pay for an time, till there is any requirement. Many seem to prefer this option of sabbatical which will atleast save their jobs.

The company sources said almost all the questions will be answered by end of June.

Role of HRs in Software companies like TCS,Infosys ,Wipro et all

I recently watched a TV program in STAR Vijay (STAR’s Tamil Channel) “Neeyaa Naanaa ?” (translation : You or Me ? ). This program brings people (No celebrities,just common man) with opposing views and let them air their opinion on show.

Last week’s topic was HR vs employees in IT ? Industry. The HRs were well represented by TCS HR,Infosys HR and from many other companies. Even the employee group had diverse employees. As you would know the HR team was very good in speaking through the topic and keeping a strong hold in the discussion by saying employees fake their resumes etc etc.

Also most of the HR group indicated they fight for employees against management and they save the employees everyday. It was pathetic many of the employees couldn’t really put their views across in the show. But finally the Show anchor decided to pitch in for employees, he asked if the following are true or not?

* HR doesnt really perform any of so called Human Resources empowerment or Helping the employees, rather they are a tool to implement management ‘s decisions.
* The way employees are getting fired in recession, informing them on the very day to leave office without any actual notice period.
* HR doesn’t have any independent say in most decisions.
* HRs think they are the Boss.
* Asking woman employees not to become pregnant for few years or so as a condition for hiring them.

As you would expected the HR team refuted all the allegations and then was the twist. One of the HR member spoke in his own idiotic way to accept the fact they simply follow management orders.

And to top it all the program invites two experts in the subject of discussion, they had Pugazhendhi (HR Manager and an renowned writer).

He didn’t mince words ” Todays HR’s function is not really for welfare of employees, the word HR is not a correct job description for most of them. They are just process enforcers and acting towards enforcing the Management’s decisions”

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