Nokia N95 8GB or N96 Corrupted memory or unable use Data transfer mode?

This post talks about Mass memory issues in Nokia N95 8GB , Nokia N96 and some cases covers N97 also.

The problems can any of the following

* While connecting the N95 8GB phone to PC in Data Transfer mode and trying to access the mass memory, the phone reboots automatically.
* While trying to play/view certain files the phone reboots abruptly again and again.
* Phone says no memory / No space inspite of having enough space.
* Unable to store data in the mass memory of these phones.
* Getting any other error message.

Possible causes :

* Nokia N95 8GB and N96 have flash memory and it can get corrupted in various situations.
– Unplugging the cable in middle of transfer.
– copying corrupted data/virus affected files.
– Removing battery in middle of data operation.
– Trying to play videos/songs stored in phone directly in PC.
– Physical damage (In this case phone has to be returned to Nokia service center)

Solutions :
– Connect to PC in PC suite mode and click backup option in the PC suite to backup all your contacts,calendar entries and Notes etc. If you can copy other content like Pictures and Videos you can back them up manually.
– Go to phone settings and click restore factory settings (This process will clear phone memory not mass memory) , it will reset your phone after restart to original settings and you can restore your settings from your previous backup. During this step the phone will ask for security code (Lock code / unlock code ). The default security / lock /unlock code for Nokia N95 8GB and N96 is 12345. But if you had changed it after buying the phone, you need to enter the correct code. If the phone doesnt accept the code for 2 times, dont try again. As this could lockout your phone.

If the above step doesnt solve your problem then you need to format your mass memory from phone itself (no need to format from Windows).

– Go to Menu –> Tools –> Utilities –> Memory
In the memory click options and select format mass memory. This will format your mass memory and clear any bad sectors or bad bytes in the memory.

If both the above steps doesnt solve your problem, the problem could be a hardware issue, you may need to take it the Nokia service center (Nokia Care).