Nokia E71,E66 – A Complete business phone

Nokia has two mobile phones with more or less same technical specifications and features but with some small difference in dimension and with the data input.Both of these mobiles are exclusively designed for business purposes with many features like sending Emails,connecting to the office intranet using phone as modem,built in GPS features and Ovi maps to find exact places,Document Viewer for Word,Excel,PPT and PDF available in E66 whereas all these files can also be edited in E71.Nokia E71 comes with Full QWERTY Keyboard which for some users make the data input very easy as they will already be used to data inputs using keyboard.



Technical Specifications for E71

Size and Weight

Dimensions: 114 x 57 x 10 mm
Weight: 127 g
Display Size: 2.36″
Display and 3D
Size: 2.36″

Keys and input method

Full QWERTY keyboard
Dedicated one-touch keys: Home, calendar, contacts, and email
Intelligent input with auto-completion, auto-correction and learning capability
Accelerated scrolling with NaviTMKey

Colors and covers

Grey steel
White steel

Security features
Device lock
Remote lock
Data encryption for both phone memory an microSD content
mobile VPN

BP-4L 1500 mAh Li-Po standard battery
Talk time:
GSM up to 10 h 30 min
WCDMA up to 4 h 30 min
Standby time:
GSM up to 17 days
WCDMA up to 20 days
WLAN idle up to 166 hours

microSD memory card slot, max. 8 GB
110 MB internal dynamic memory

Data network

GPRS Enabled
Supports WLAN
3G support

GPS and navigation

Integrated A-GPS
Ovi Maps application

3.2 megapixel camera
Image formats: JPEG/EXIF
Video using Main camera
Front camera
Video recording at up to 128 x 96 pixels (QCIF) and up to 15 fps

Music player
Music playback file formats: .mp3, .wma, .aac, AAC+, eAAC+
FM radio 87.5-108 MHz


Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels (QVGA)
Micro-USB connector, full-speed
Supports Email
Supports webbrowsing
Personalization of themes

Comparison between E71 and E66

Topic E71 E66
QWERTY keyboard Yes No
Document Viewer Yes Yes
Document Editor Yes No
Weight 127g 121g
Dimension 114 X 57 X 107.5 X
10 mm 49.5X13mm
Five way ScrollKey Yes No
StandByTime 2G 410h 264h
StandByTime 3G 480h 336h
Talk Time 2G 10h 30min 7h 30min
Talk Time 3G 4h 30min 7h 30min

Apart from the above comparison all the other features are same with E71 and E66

Price of E71 is about $448 and E66 is about $475
In India E66 is costing about 18000 and E71 around 16000.
Since E71 is costing less and it also even QWERTY keyboard you can basically go for E71 itself rather than going for E66

Nokia E72 Review – An irresistable upgrade to Nokia E71

Not many days ago, I was googling the web for any news on upgrades to Nokia E71, its not because E71 is bad, but because it has been 2 year since the E71 has been launched and Nokia usually follows up with its successful models sooner than later.

And recently did I discover the upgrade, Nokia E72 Business Phone with QWERTY keyboard. The phone looks almost like the E71 but with a much faster processor, More Built in memory and upgraded 5MP Camera. It also benefits from all the firmware upgrades of original E71.

Nokia E72  Front view
Nokia E72 Front view

Nokia E72 Back view
Nokia E72 Back view

Nokia E72 Side view
Nokia E72 Side view

The features and look and feel of this Phone are almost similar to E71, afterall why would you go and fiddle with something which already perfect. But still Nokia has made very minor cosmetic changes the width of E72 is few mm and the keyboard has also has been fiddled with, it appears the keys are better than the E71.

Processor :
All the changes are under the hood the E72 has a faster Processor most likely a 600MHz processor as in the case E55.

RAM / Memory :
The RAM capacity is increased to 250MB which allows the device to scale upto 16GB of Memory Cards (E72 itself comes with a free 4GB card).Once the OS loads the free memory is likely to be 80MB and excess so more memory for Memory hungry apps.

Nokia E72 - Irresistable upgrade to Nokia E71
Nokia E72 - Irresistable upgrade to Nokia E71

OS :
Includes S60 V3 Feature Pack 2, a highly refined UI and is very efficient and bug free. This is also a major upgrade. It improves multitasking, memory usage, power management and also changes in Menus.

Battery :
Battery remains the same , with BP-4L 1500mAH but the power management has improved Nokia promises a 12.30 Hours of Talktime against 10.30 Hours on E71 (Both on GSM Network).

Keypad :
A new optical navikey replaces the original D-Pad (ie center key with 4 way scroll). Two new keys are added in the bottom row by reducing size of space key . The new keys are Symbol and ! .

Audio/Sound Quality :
3.5mm audio jack replaces the 2.5mm jack of E71. And an active Noise cancelling filter has been added to improve voice clarity.

Camera :
The camera is upgraded to 5MP camera with LED Flash.

E72 gets a magnetometer to sense the direction and assist the GPS on the phone. Also comes with lifetime Explore license (pedestrian) and a trial (10 day) Drive by license.

Apart from the above E72 supports charging through USB ie charging from your Laptop/Computer.

All in all E72 is an irresistable upgrade to E71 , being a fan of Nokia’s E61i and E71, I will surely be waiting in line to get the Nokia E72 expected to be launched in September 2009 in Europe and India.