nokia 6760

This mobile comes with all the latest features like 3G support,GPRS,browsing enabled,bluetooth,video call camera and support for even some java applications. But the mobile does not have the features like virtual QWERTY,Touch screen,WLAN etc. iOther attracting features of the mobile are it comes with various vibrant colors,5MP camera,video call enabled,card […]

Nokia 6700 Slide – A review

If you are looking for a Nokia phone with Horizontal sliding QWERTY Keyboard,SmartPhone,EMail,Web Browser,3G, and other normal applications like facebook,IM,Messanger etc at a reasonable price then Nokia 6760 could be the choice. But if you are looking for a touch screen mobile with Wi-Fi then your choices could be N900,E72,E75,Samsung […]

Nokia 6760 – The Full QWERTY slider at reasonable price