Toyota’s Etios to compete with Swift, Polo and i20

Toyota is one of the largest Car manufacturer headquartered in Japan. At its peak, Toyota employed approximately 320,000 people worldwide. Now Toyota has announced its launch of Etios in India, a small car that is expected to compete with Maruthi’s Swift, Hyundai’s i10 and Volkswagen’s  Polo.

The Price of the above mentioned small cars in the market is

Maruthi Swift – Rs 4,11,934* – Rs 5,36,183*

Hyundai i10 – Rs 3,43,575* – Rs 5,52,466*

Volkswagen Polo – Rs 4,34,000* – Rs 6,70,000*

Toyota is expected to launch its new car in the market by the end of this year or early next year. It is strongly believed that the company has to follow an aggressive pricing strategy in order to compete with the other small cars.

The company has already showcased its product(Etios) at the 10th auto expo and was formally announced that it will be launched in Indian market first before any other market in the world.
Now Toyota is looking for developing its dealer network to make its small car sales possible in Indian Market.

Satyam to fire 4500 employees


Satyam computers is in the process of pink slipping 4500 of its employees, this ranges from Mangement level to entry level software developers who doesnt have a good feedback from their immediate supervisors.


Many of the experienced employees, who got the letter this week were shocked in the way they were shabbily thrown out of the company. Satyam has been facing pressures ever since it had a very negative quarter results last few quarters. Few years back it was the star of the IT stocks and now the poor man’s gold.


The company will serve termination notices to more employees in the coming weeks. Many employees who have earned the grudge of higher management are very anxious about their future in the company.