HP launches ultra cheap CQ61 Laptop for $399 / Rs 20000

HP launched a new ultra cheap laptop from its Compaq saddle the new Compaq CQ61 with a decent specifications for your day to day activities. The CQ61 has a AMD Semptron M100 2GHz processor , 2GB DDR2 RAM , 160GB Hard disk, ATI Radean 4200 Graphics card (64MB) and even a DVD burner.

The laptop is targeted at colleged kids and has 15.6 display, the Compaq could become a hit among those who are looking to upgrade from assembled PCs in India, as a cheap laptop will avoid the need for Speakers/UPS etc.

This laptop’s specification should suffice if your work involves Web Browsing, Email, Office documents , Music and Movies etc. The laptop is should also be Ok for small Flash games.