Drinking Water to a Healthy Life

Water is a chemical substance that is composed of hydrogen and oxygen. Clean drinking water is essential for all living things. Taken at right time, it helps to prevent various health related issues as a popular saying “Prevention is better than cure”

Water Schedule
Two(02) glasses of water – After waking up – Helps to activate internal organs.
One(01) glass of water – 30 minutes before meal – Helps digestion
One(01) glass of water – Before taking bath – Helps lower Blood Pressure
One(01) glass of water – Before sleep – To avoid stroke/heart attack

Can this water be affected by our words? Yes says Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist. He also has proof for saying so.

Dr. Emoto took water droplets, exposed them to various words, music, and environments, and froze them for three hours. He then examined the crystal formations under a dark field microscope. And he took photographs and the results were mind blowing.

Here’s a photo of ordinary water without any prayer spoken over it. The molecular structure is in disarray.

Check this picture below which is really amazing. This is the same water molecule after a prayer was spelt on it.

Dr. Emoto also exposed water to Heavy Metal music. Here’s how it looks like.

Here’s water exposed to classical music and folk dance music.

Dr. Emoto stuck a piece of paper with these words: “You make me sick. I will kill you.” Here’s how the frozen water droplets looked like under the microscope…

Below is how water looked like with the words “Love” over it. The difference is amazing. This is not just the picture but its true.

Wait Aren’t We made up of Water? Yes we are! 72% of our body is made up of water. Imagine how our words affect our own body. When we say, “I’m a failure,” or “I’m hopeless,” or “I won’t get well,” any thing which is negative,  imagine how these words weaken our health. Make a choice to say the best words out there. Say often, “I’m wonderful,” and “I’m beautiful,” and “I’m God’s child,” and “God has a great plan for my life!” It’s not only water, but Dr.Emoto also experimented with cooked rice. He placed one cup of cooked rice in two airtight jars. On one jar, he wrote, “I love” and on the other he wrote “You Fool”. Then everyday for 30 days he continuously kept saying these words to the jar of rice.
After 30 days the jar with the rice”I love You” was still white while the other jar which had rice with the words “You Fool” had rotten and went black.