Google Chrome OS – A brand new perspective on the OS since Unix/DOS

Finally Google is threatening Microsoft with its new initiative to launch a brand new OS or rather a totally new perspective on the term OS itself. The new Google Chrome OS will run on a new windowing system on top of Linux kernel.

And Google has taken the web browser to another level by announcing the new OS. Let me put things into perspective, when a new computer is built the manufacturer installs a OS  like Windows,Linux,Solaris or Mac, then we install the softwares on top of it. But now Google wants to replace the OS with a browser thats right , a web browser something like your Google Chrome browser or Internet Explorer or Firefox. When you switch on your computer, it will run a Google Chrome Browser and everything else will run within it. But then Google chrome’s interface will more or less resemble current OS’s for the sake of familiarity.

And all your (web) applications will run within the web browser aka new Google Chrome OS. So all these applications will be written by web developers and they will run in your computer just like your current Desktop applications. Though there are many things a web application is not allowed do in present OS context,  you never know where the new lines will be drawn on the Google OS.

And the advantages ? web applications can run within any browser , so even Windows users can use these apps through IE or Firefox or the Mac users through Safari. So it will encourage developers to crank their brains, after all their applications have a chance of wider adaptions compared to current set of Desktop applications.

Google announcing the New Google Chrome OS  on Google Blog.

Google Chrome OS FAQ

How to submit sitemaps to Google / Yahoo on posting?

Google Sitemap HTTP Ping

This post talks about how to submit site map of your blog/site automatically to Google/Yahoo on posting the content every time. The normal process is to submit your sitemap in Google Webmaster tools, but the shortcoming is that Google picks the site maps on regular interval once in a day or so, but If you are updating content several times within a day then you might need to submit/update your sitemaps every time.

The process of sending sitemap updates to Google / Yahoo / other search engines is called HTTP Ping for sitemaps.

For Google below is the process of sitemap HTTP ping.

Build the following url say if
your website name is : and

your sitemap url is then the following is the url you need to build for sitemap

Since we are sending the GET request we need to do a URLEncode of  the your sitemap url.

This can be achieved through following method UrlEncode  in PHP and Encode in Java or you can use free encoders available online to encode the sitemp url one time.

When I did encode of the above  this is what I got    

So our final url is

send the request using wget or curl or any class of your choice.

If you get back HTTP 200 response then its a success else try it again. Google says you can send updates eevrytime you update/add content to your site  and it can be upto every hour. So this will help you boost the updated nature of your content in Google search engine. 


Yahoo Sitemap HTTP ping

Same approach works with Yahoo but in case of yahoo You need to get a App Id  from yahoo services

First Get App Id  = 

use the appId in below url as I have mentioned earlier encode your sitemap  url and add it like

Google pulls April Fool pranks on users..

Google in maintaining its custom of pulling a april first special every year did tricks across all its line of Products.Im listing few of them for Gmail,Google,Orkut and Calendar.

Virgle (Virgin + Google)

Google wants to take you to Mars for Free.You can become a part of first settlement in Mars.

Gmail (Custom time)

Gmail lets you set custom time for your you can cheat your Boss 😉

 Check Yogurt Logo ..sorry Orkut Logo

Google calendar entries ??