Google Shared Spaces

Google’s new lab project Shared Spaces is a space where users can share their work spaces with others by sharing URL and inviting them, first you need to select a gadget where you will be provided with a space to work with the gadget.This project is based on the previous Google Wave project (which is a web based platform with synchronous or asynchronous communication for real time collaboration and editing such as editing the same file at the same time or at different times from different computers depending upon your communication protocol) Shared spaces uses the wave gadgets where you can create and collaborate applications.

It has four main categories planning, productivity, polls and games like wave Sudoku, a Draw board for creating maps and etc, there are fifty different gadget applications available so you can create your work group, space collaborate gadgets using either emails, chat, buzz and etc as the share options.

Google introduces Broswer Size tool for web developers

Google Labs which is a part time project at Google, produces many long lasting products and sometimes just for fun materials. The latest addition to their long list of innovative tools is Browser Size, A tool which allows web developers and website owners, how many customers get the intended content without scrolling. For instance if you place a ad or a button in the bottom of the page, 30% of your users may never see the Ad/Button if they dont scroll.

It is basically a graph based on the Screen resolution of the web users collected by Google itself, in practical sense the tool may not show actual % for your site, rather it shows the Global Average. But still a nice tool to try and play with your websites.