Google gives away its CR-48 Chrome OS laptops

After its announcement of  Chrome OS, Google started sending out free CR-48 unbranded 12 inch laptops loaded with Google Chrome OS. PCWorld was one of the first to report the CR-48 shipping.   It is estimated by some sources Google had ordered 60000 of these laptops from inventec for the purpose of Beta Testing.

The lot of  free shipments is randomly selected when applied as individuals, but specific websites and media organisations have been handpicked to receive one.

The laptop looks like a plain slim version of Lenovo X series or Macbook 12 inch laptops, comes in a full black with no labels whatsoever, it is 12 inch with LCD display with wifi and 3G inbuilt. The laptop has webcam and a large keyboard without function keys and new search key. The trackpad is much bigger in size and  doesnt have a separte clicker as the entire trackpad is clickable. So the right click is achieved by two clicks.

The Laptop is powered by Intel Atom processor and supplied with Verizon Wireless 3G plan 100 MB per month for two years free of cost.

But the most significant factor about the device is not the hardware ofcourse, the Notebook boots up in less than 10 seconds, and the OS  comes with no bells and whistles attached. You  can install apps from the Chrome Appstore ranging from GMAIL  Pandora etc. But the best feature of the device obviously its browsing, which is accomplished with Chrome.

The initial reports indicate the Laptop is sluggish when running Flash and even crashes at times. But HTML5 seems to be much better.

Rumours on Google coming out with Tablet like iPad

Google has not made any public announcement about its upcoming Google Tablet like iPad.After HP announcing its HP Slate a competent for iPad,Nokia and Microsoft to release tablet computer and now its the turn of Google to release its own Tablet.
Google is planning to release its tablet with latest Android OS.But other parts of the news says that it may also release its Tablet with Chrome OS.
It seems Google CEO Eric Schmidt has discussed with his friends about its plans on iPad like Tablet at Los Angels Party.

So we are here to decide which Tablet computer to go for once all the planned devices are released.But for sure Apple is going to have a tough competetion with all giants for its latest device iPad.

Google Chrome OS – A brand new perspective on the OS since Unix/DOS

Finally Google is threatening Microsoft with its new initiative to launch a brand new OS or rather a totally new perspective on the term OS itself. The new Google Chrome OS will run on a new windowing system on top of Linux kernel.

And Google has taken the web browser to another level by announcing the new OS. Let me put things into perspective, when a new computer is built the manufacturer installs a OS  like Windows,Linux,Solaris or Mac, then we install the softwares on top of it. But now Google wants to replace the OS with a browser thats right , a web browser something like your Google Chrome browser or Internet Explorer or Firefox. When you switch on your computer, it will run a Google Chrome Browser and everything else will run within it. But then Google chrome’s interface will more or less resemble current OS’s for the sake of familiarity.

And all your (web) applications will run within the web browser aka new Google Chrome OS. So all these applications will be written by web developers and they will run in your computer just like your current Desktop applications. Though there are many things a web application is not allowed do in present OS context,  you never know where the new lines will be drawn on the Google OS.

And the advantages ? web applications can run within any browser , so even Windows users can use these apps through IE or Firefox or the Mac users through Safari. So it will encourage developers to crank their brains, after all their applications have a chance of wider adaptions compared to current set of Desktop applications.

Google announcing the New Google Chrome OS  on Google Blog.

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