Google gives away its CR-48 Chrome OS laptops

After its announcement of  Chrome OS, Google started sending out free CR-48 unbranded 12 inch laptops loaded with Google Chrome OS. PCWorld was one of the first to report the CR-48 shipping.   It is estimated by some sources Google had ordered 60000 of these laptops from inventec for the purpose of Beta Testing.

The lot of  free shipments is randomly selected when applied as individuals, but specific websites and media organisations have been handpicked to receive one.

The laptop looks like a plain slim version of Lenovo X series or Macbook 12 inch laptops, comes in a full black with no labels whatsoever, it is 12 inch with LCD display with wifi and 3G inbuilt. The laptop has webcam and a large keyboard without function keys and new search key. The trackpad is much bigger in size and  doesnt have a separte clicker as the entire trackpad is clickable. So the right click is achieved by two clicks.

The Laptop is powered by Intel Atom processor and supplied with Verizon Wireless 3G plan 100 MB per month for two years free of cost.

But the most significant factor about the device is not the hardware ofcourse, the Notebook boots up in less than 10 seconds, and the OS  comes with no bells and whistles attached. You  can install apps from the Chrome Appstore ranging from GMAIL  Pandora etc. But the best feature of the device obviously its browsing, which is accomplished with Chrome.

The initial reports indicate the Laptop is sluggish when running Flash and even crashes at times. But HTML5 seems to be much better.

Google to tighten its Internal Security Process

After the major attack on Google’s intellectual property from inside China it has set up some standards internally to avoid such kind of attacks in future.The major attack happened due to the old browser which in Internet Explorer 6 version.Attackers used this loop hole and went deep inside the system and also penetrated other systems and accessed the important properties of Google.

Now Google has planned to upgrade all systems with the latest browsers and has increased the security in its firewalls so that attackers will not be able to penetrate their walls.Though Microsoft has released the immediate patch on Internet Explorer 6 to avoid the attacks but before that itself major damage was done.

Google has decided to use more web based computing products like Chrome OS in future.Eric Schmidt has also urged their employees to make sure that all their computer uses latest version of the browser and the Operating systems.