Apple iPad 2 available in Toys R Us and Best Buy

Limited number of  iPad 2’s were available for sale at Select Best Buy stores and Toys r us  Stores today and it is likely that 3G 64 GB versions are still available in many of the locations. When I checked the local Best Buy they still had few of the Verizon 64 GB versions available but none of the WiFi only versions.

Toys r us also started selling the second Gen iPad today , but not all the locations had it. Most likely that stores in Prominent locations and bigger size carry the device, but  they also seem to carry only 3G versions and not the WiFi Only versions.

Free iPhone 3GS on contract @ Best Buy

Best Buy is going to offer free iPhone 3GS on a new two years contract and for an eligible upgrade . It is a one day offer on friday (December 10).

Apple iPhone 3GS is currently selling for $99, but for the first time Apple 3GS is going on sale tomorrow. Best Buy has limited stocks for the iPhone 3GS 8GB version and it is trying to clear it in favour of  iPhone 4. This also adds fuel to the rumour that new iPhone is to be launched from Verizon.