Google magic behind Motorola’s next gen XPhone

Motorola has been a sub par device manufacturer,  due to the poor quality and poor UI, they have always been the also runners of the several markets.

But with Google’s acquisition a lifeline has been extended to Motorola. I personally was expecting Google would start pushing out new devices,  but overwhelming media response was that Google will spin-off the Hardware group  and just use the patents.

Luckily for us consumers it appears to be not the case, Google has deputed some of its senior product managers to lead the Motorola’s product division, and has put the focus back on innovation.

Google Nexus 4

Currently Motorola’s premier team under the guidance of former Google product manager Lior Ron (architect behind Google Maps)  is working on its breakthrough phone X Phone. They want to bring the next Iphone, something totally original and totally new.

With Google behind surely there will be something new, but even if Motorola comes out with a not so new but quality build and a clean android implementation , I will still take it.

Amazon Tablet – Kindle Fire to be available on Nov 15 , Kindle Touch available now

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos introduced Three different Kindles today. The highly anticipated Android Tablet Kindle Fire is prices at $199 and will be available on Novemeber 15 (Preorders are open now). The surprise inclusion is a touch screen based E-Ink reader Kindle Touch starting at $99 and regular Kindle’s price is slashed to $79.

The Kindle Fire doesn’t have a camera or Mic. It only has wifi and no place for 3G. With the low price these omissions are acceptable. The Kindle Fire uses a custom UI on top of Android, but includes both Android and Amazon App Stores.

Samsung to pay royalty to Microsoft on Android Use

With Android infringing several of Microsoft’s patents, Microsoft  has a huge leverage in the mobile space. HTC had agreed to pay Microsoft $5 on every device it sells with Android. The price was low after HTC agreed to release as many Microsoft Windows 7 based devices eauivalent to its Android devices.

Now Microsoft is after the bigger target i.e Samsung, in the last few months Samsung has clearly emerged as a leader in Android Devices and Microsoft is demanding Samsung to pay $15 per device sold. But after negotiations figure might be quite lower. Unlike Apple who is suing Samsung, Microsoft can benefit a lot by Samsung.

In the past Microsoft’s major weakness has been the hardware its mobile operating system runs,  it had very few options like Motorola and HTC , but Samsung will be a great addition to the list along with Nokia. Microsoft is expected to settle for a lower fee if Samsung accepts on releasing more Windows 7 devices and using some of its services as default in Android based device.

Linked to the negotiations are licensing for Windows 7 as well. Within a few days we will know the outcome.