Amazon Kindle in Color in November – The elusive Amazon Tablet

Amazon is expected to announce the Color version of its Kindle in November with some new features like Video player and Music Player. The device is the much touted Amazon Tablet and is expected to be released in 7 inch variant before possibly other versions.

One of TechCrunch columnist’s had a sneak peek of the device, but had no photos to show for it. As per his article The device has Android as the base and Amazon UI on top and Amazon Appstore is the only Appstore on the device.

The lack of full featured Android and freedom of Android has disappointed many fans. But it remains to be seen how the device and OS turns out. Devices is also expected to have no camera , 8GB space and possibly a slower single core processor around 600MHz based on other reports.

Based on the specifications and OS features it is very clear that target prices of $250 is entirely possibly and even more in terms of value, the device will be pitted against Nook color. And if successful a 10 inch ipad competitor might come out next year from Amazon.

Amazon’s Tablet is expected to be bundled with amazon cloud player, Amazon Prime Videos and a free Prime membership. With Amazon’s marketing skills and front page flashing of Kindle, it sure is expected to outsell many other low end tablets.