2G,3G and soon its going to be 4G

Each version of Mobile technology promises to bring in something better than what is done in previous version mainly in terms of data transmission.Fast  data transmission is successfully done in 3G.Then what else is promised  in 4G?

Again its only with data transmission but with increased speed and more features.Find below the new features

  • Rapid fast data transmission better than 3G
  • High speed wireless communication
  • Real time high quality multimedia streaming
  • High speed voice data transmission 

Only Verizon takes the first pride in launching the devices with 4G technology but not in 2010.It will be done only in 2011 as the device has not even enterted the beta testing phase. 

Definitely 4G is a much awaited feature for all laptop and mobile users who are deliberately in need of high end wireless network connection.